Unless you are a marketing professional who knows how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts, we understand that the concept can be a little tricky. Don’t worry though because we have all the insights that you possibly need to know. When you are managing multiple accounts, the biggest issue is the complications.

What if you post something to an account that you shouldn’t have? And, to be fair, while there are still chances that you’d mess up, you won’t have to worry about the same as much as you think.

how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts

Not just for social media entrepreneurs or marketers, managing multiple Instagram accounts isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is follow the steps we sort out for you in this guide.

How many Instagram accounts can one have on one smartphone?

Before considering adding multiple accounts to your Instagram app, you must know the limit. How many accounts can you possibly add to your app on one smartphone?

And, the answer to that is 5. This is the limit for you to add the accounts under one email address, which comes in handy for business perspectives. The limitation is on the Instagram app.

However, several third-party applications give you the leeway to manage even more accounts without any worry.

The main issue with opening multiple accounts using the same email ID is the issue of security. If the email ID gets banned or hacked, chances are that all your associated Instagram accounts will get deleted too.

So, you will end up losing all the access to the accounts. That’s why we’d recommend that you use different emails for different accounts so everything is secure.

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How to add multiple Instagram accounts?

If you are wondering how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is ensure that you have the accounts sorted through. All you need to do is have access to the Instagram app on your smartphone and the process should come along easier

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to the Profile page
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on the three stacked lines or the menu option. From there, go to Settings.
  • Under that, click on Add Account
  • Enter the designated username and other login information as asked.
  • Click on Log in.

In case you are planning to include multiple account login to the profile, we’d recommend that you’d click on the Setup Multi-Account Login. From there, you need to choose the primary account that you will use to access all the other accounts. Once that is done, you can then go back to the first step and log in as mentioned.

How can I manage multiple Instagram accounts?

Once you have the multi-account login setup on your Instagram app, you shouldn’t face any issues with the login process. That said; keep in mind that you’d have to be careful when switching from one account to the other, especially if there are professional accounts in the mix. How to Add and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you don’t have a lot of Instagram accounts in a single app, you can rely on the native app to sort out your issues. But, if you manage larger accounts for your clients that need to be handled with better precision, we’d recommend that you focus on using a more secure third-party app for the same. You can also take the help of a third party to buy Instagram followers to become an influencer.

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How can I switch multiple Instagram accounts?

So, now you know how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts, but how would you switch back and forth through these accounts? This is a very common query that most beginner Instagram users have.

Here’s what you can do to seamlessly switch between the different linked accounts:

  • Go to your Profile page and then tap the username present in the top-left corner.
  • Once you switch to the other account, you can comment, like posts and post to your feed as per your requirements.

Also, since it can get pretty confusing when using multiple accounts, we’d recommend that you always cross-check before you post the content to the feed.

Can I post on different Instagram accounts?

When you have multiple Instagram accounts linked with a single email to your Instagram account, the process isn’t as complicated as you think. How to Add and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts.

All you have to do is select the specific account that you want to post your content. The best way to select the profile is by checking the profile picture.

Once you are sure that you have the right account, you can then go about with the simple posting process as mentioned.

Can I delete one Instagram account from the multiple accounts under one email?

When you have multiple Instagram accounts under one email, there may be situations when you have to delete one out of the lot. Doing that isn’t rocket science.

how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts

You can remove the account that you don’t want to use anymore from the multi-account login option. From there, you can select the specific account and then log out from it as per the instructions.

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If you were confused about using multiple Instagram accounts under the same app, we hope this post gives you all the detailed insights. Keep in mind that the steps are easy, all you need to do is follow them as mentioned. Just ensure that you stay mindful when posting your content. How to Add and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts.