As you must be aware adding links to stories that were only limited to a certain extent on Instagram. Only a person with a huge number of followers or a verified account could attach a link to their stories. This feature wasn’t for all. But now it is available for everyone. Anyone can learn how to add link on Instagram stories and attach links to their stories unlimited times.

How To Add Link On Instagram Stories

How to add link to Instagram stories?

As this feature is now accessible to everyone, you should know how to add relevant links to your Instagram stories. It is a very easy procedure you need to follow to add links to your specific story. Follow these steps to do so.

Step 1

Open your Instagram app and on your profile, go to the add to your story option.

Step 2

Now, upload or capture the picture or video content you want to post on your story.

Step 3

Now, click on the little sticker icon from the top function bar.

Step 4

After that, find the link sticker and tap on it to add your link.

Step 5

Click on ‘done’ and your link gets attached. You can place the sticker wherever you want by dragging it around the screen. Tap on the link sticker to get style variations too.

This updated version of link stickers is very handy to use. Earlier it was in the form of link stickers, but now this feature is even more flexible and can be moved around like any other sticker on Instagram.

Advantages of the linking feature

You must have seen the swipe-up feature on many verified people’s stories. This same feature is now in the form of link stickers and can be used by anyone. Hence, with the easy to attach method, you can get to know how to add link on Instagram stories. It’s recommended to update your Instagram app to the latest version so that you can use the benefit of adding links on stories.

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As this is a new feature made accessible to every Instagram user, it may sometimes not show on your options. But with time and updates, you’ll be able to use the feature. Enjoy this amazing feature of putting links on your stories to make them more engaging and helpful for your viewers.

The sole purpose of making this feature available to all is to make people more engaging and to attract them to the Instagram platform even more. With many modifications done in the Instagram application, the stories link attachment feature is one of the best improvements done. People are now more eager to learn how to add link on Instagram stories.

Instagram has now become the most used social media platform. In just a short period, it has gained a lot of users from all over the world. Making changes and advancements to various features of Instagram like adding links to your stories has attracted more eyes.

The popularity has increased tremendously and the trend to add links to stories is at its peak. A huge number of people join Instagram daily and enjoy its features to the fullest. Attaching links to stories has gained more popularity than any other feature.

How To Add Link On Instagram Stories

Type of links you can attach to your stories

Knowing how to add link on Instagram stories helps your viewers be directed to a specific website which can be your online Etsy shop, a link for your community, a music video link, a YouTube video link, your other social media handles link, etc. In short, you can link your stories with any site or channel which will direct your followers and viewers to it and learn more.

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You grow more on Instagram with more engagement with your audience. The helpful links also help your followers to get to know more. Hence, they look forward to your content more. When

you know how to add link on Instagram , you’re also growing the reach of that particular link as well. As many number of people see your story, a maximum of them would explore the link as well.

For example, if you put up your YouTube channel’s link on your Instagram story, then many people might visit your channel and would subscribe and like your content. Eventually, you gain views there as well. This is how important linking on Instagram stories can be.

You get a lot of advantages with this feature. Link different types of URLs with the linking sticker option on your story. Though stories are put up for 24 hours, you can keep them permanently on your profile as a highlight. This will also save your link mentioned on that story and would be accessible to people for a long time.


For Instagram users, knowing how to add link on Instagram can benefit them in many ways. The process of linking on your Instagram stories is very easy. With easy-to-find options, you can add links to stories and create great content on Instagram. The introduction of this new and intriguing feature on Instagram is open for everyone to access with any device they wish. Just with a few clicks link or unlink , you make your stories more informative when adding links.

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