Instagram continues to update the features which are available on its stories. Now, you are thinking about how to ask questions on Instagram stories? and to know this, you’ll have to read this post till the end.

Back in the year 2018, the company added a feature called Questions which is a question and answer component in which the user can ask questions to the followers or even ask them for recommendations. However, you must be careful because there is no anonymity. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which has millions of users from different parts of the world. With a growing number of users on this platform, it continues updating its features very frequently. There was no story option available on either this platform when you emerged but gradually as time passed by; it implemented a lot of features including the story feature.

Now, it even allows asking questions on Instagram stories. This means that if you are viewing the Instagram Story shared by someone and you feel that you have any doubts, you can ask them the questions by relying on the story directly. 

How to ask questions on Instagram stories?

This feature can be used easily and it becomes simpler if you are searching for things that can be done in a new place or just want opinions from your followers. Follow the steps mentioned below to ask questions on Instagram stories: 

  1. Open Instagram on your device.
  2. Towards the upper left side of your story, you will find a camera button. Tap on it. 
  3. Click a picture or upload one from the camera roll of your device and keep swiping and selecting. 
  4. After you click or select a particular photo, click on the option that looks simulation to a square-shaped smiley. You’ll then be taken to all features which can be used in the Instagram stories. 
  5. Then, choose the questions in all available options.
  6. Input the question you want to ask tour followers by clicking on the text panel that states ask me a question. This is by default. You can also ask for music recommendations by clicking on the just button beside the next button. 
  7. If you are satisfied with all questions which are posted, add them to your story just by clicking on your story option at the left side bottom. 

You can also see the replies to your question in two locations. The first one is where you can click on the Instagram Story and swipe up to check who views your question and those who answer it. You can also look for responses enlisted in the list of notifications which can be accessed only with the help of a tap on the heat option in the bottom panel. 

how to ask questions on Instagram stories

Before asking questions on an Instagram story, you must know what type of questions you should ask. It is very easy to ask questions on an Instagram story. You must know where you should look exactly for the questions. To start with, you just need to create a story by tapping on the small circle in the form of your avatar on Instagram and a symbol on the topmost left side of your Instagram profile. 

You can create any kind of Instagram story as per your preference like superzoom, boomerang, hands-free, music, normal, etc. You can also make use of the question sticker in all of these types. After setting up your story post on Instagram, you must consider adding a question. Just click on the sticker icon and then on questions. 

Instagram stories have become much more interactive with the addition of all-new question stickers. This announcement was made by the company last week and now these stickers are being officially added on both Android and iOS in the latest version of this app.

Dissimilar to emoji sliders and poll stickers, both of them enable the users to vote for questions that are submitted. As soon as a question sticker is added to your story on Instagram, the rest of the users can also submit their questions and expect you to answer. 

How to add the question sticker to your Instagram story?

It is very simple to add a question sticker to your Instagram story and is more like just another type of interesting sticker. There are a few added steps you need to follow. Begin by clicking the sticker option just after you have uploaded a video of the photo to the Instagram stories. 

how to ask questions on Instagram stories

Choose the new question sticker and then move out of the prompt. As soon as your story is viewed by someone the user will be able to see the question sticker and ask you questions that are relevant to your story. There are many other ways by which you can add the question sticker to your story post on Instagram. 

This is all you should know about how to ask questions on Instagram storiesThis is one of the best features Instagram has introduced and is immensely loved by users. You must know that asking questions on Instagram stories is pretty simple and it doesn’t require you to have great knowledge about the same. 

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