Personalization has become a way of life. Everyone on social media now wants to customize their features, especially on more vocal platforms like Instagram. So, it isn’t surprising that the users are now creating their filters, adding their music, creating user-generated content, and so much more.

The need for personalization extends to direct messages too. So, how to change Instagram’s direct message color? This is a question that irks many beginners’ minds, especially the ones that don’t have much idea about the platform.

how to change Instagram direct message color

Given that Instagram is constantly testing out new ideas, features, and methods, the Instagram DM color change is quite a new feature. It has been a few months since it has been rolled out globally and the avid users can’t hold their chill anymore.

What is the new Instagram Theme in Direct Messaging?

Instagram is consistently evolving as a platform that is attracting more and more content creators and generic users too. Direct Messaging is a feature that almost every Instagram user makes the most out of.

With the concept of chat themes on WhatsApp, it was a no-brainer to introduce the same to Instagram’s Direct messaging too. That’s where the twist is.

On Instagram, the users can change the chat themes from the built-in options, which include:

  • Pride
  • Sushi
  • Classic
  • Ocean
  • Rose
  • Tropical
  • Lavender and many more

All of these themes have their color scheme; subjects and features that make them stand out from the rest. These kinds of features are very prominent and spruce up the UI of the app, so it isn’t surprising that Instagram is rolling out these features in batches.

How to Change the Instagram direct messaging color?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the themes, let us look into how to change Instagram’s direct message color. The steps are pretty simple and shouldn’t take you more than a minute.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by opening the individual chat whose theme and color scheme you want to change.
  • Navigate to the top-right corner of the chat window and click on the information icon.
  • From there, navigate to Chat Settings.
  • You will find “Themes” under chat settings.
  • Under that, you will have access to a variety of available themes curated by Instagram.
  • Select the one that you think best represents the relationship you have with the person you are messaging.

The custom theme in Instagram’s direct messages can be changed at any time and without any limits. Users have the complete autonomy to select the theme and change it how many times that they wish to.

The other user will be able to experience the change in the theme and they have the same settings to change the theme back to the desired one as they like.

Another thing worth knowing about changing the Instagram direct messaging themes is that you need to do it manually. If you change the theme of one chatbox, it will be limited to that one user only. You can’t change the theme of all the direct messages at once.

Also, since Instagram is testing out these features, not every country has access to them. You might have to wait before it is available in your country. In case it is available in your country and you can’t use it, try and update your application to the latest version.

What to do if Instagram Chat themes aren’t working?

If you have tried how to change Instagram direct message color and it isn’t working, there can be several reasons behind it. The most common reason is that it is not available in your country yet. The feature is pretty new and with Instagram gradually rolling out the feature, certain countries still don’t have access to the feature.

That said, if your country has access to the feature and you still can’t use it, here’s what you can do:

  • Update your app

If you have a habit of not updating your Instagram app, then it could be a reason why you don’t have the theme. Ideally, Instagram rolls out new features with the app updates. So, if you are using an outdated version, you might not have access to the feature that you are planning to use. Once you are done updating the app, refresh the application or reload it and check once more.

  • Clear the cache

Excess accumulated cache files on your Instagram app can also affect the availability of other features. You can only delete the cache if you use an Android device. The primary reason why you need to clear out the cache is to get rid of unnecessary malfunctioning in the said app. The process is pretty simple and can be done from Instagram’s settings directly.

  • Restart the device

The last option is to restart the device. Sometimes, software bugs in an application can affect the availability of certain features. So, if you aren’t getting access to the themes, restart the device and reopen Instagram and check once more. If it was a big issue, it should be fixed by then.

how to change Instagram direct message color

Getting access to the different Instagram messaging themes can spruce up your chatting experience. Given that there are so many different options, you shouldn’t have any issues finding the best one to choose. And, given that there are no limitations to its usage, you can put one and then change it when you get bored of it. This will help you gain new followers and subscribers quickly.

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