Are you suddenly experiencing issues with Instagram while using it? Tired of the constant ads that pop up out of nowhere while you are trying to consume the available content in peace? Well, it’s time to clear out the cache. But,  how to clear the Instagram cache?

Every platform on the Internet, be it a social media platform or a browser has storage to temporarily store crucial data. This is known as a cache. Although the cache has several benefits tied to it, it comes with a few downsides too.

The biggest issue with cache is that it slows down the device. It affects the RAM management of a particular app, making the app glitch while you are trying to use it. Not a favorable experience, right?

This guide will walk you through all the steps that are involved in clearing out the Instagram cache to spruce up the user experience further.

how to clear Instagram cache

Steps for how to clear Instagram cache

You are here to learn about how to clear your Instagram cache. And, to be fair, the steps are pretty simple. The processes are easy to trace on Serviceh Android and iOS devices, which means that with a few clicks, you should have everything sorted in no time at all.

If you are new to the Instagram game and don’t have much idea about the steps involved, we have got you. Follow the steps mentioned:

  • Start by opening your installed Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Instagram profile and then click on Settings from there.
  • Under Settings, you need to select “Security”.
  • From there, scroll down until you find “Clear Search History” (for iOS) or “Search History” (for Android).
  • Once you click on that, tap on Clear All
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Just these simple steps will ensure that you have successfully cleared the Instagram cache. Following this, you shouldn’t face issues with any delays or lags while using the application.

How to Erase Instagram Cache from Desktop?

If you use Instagram from your desktop at times and want to clear the cache data from there, the steps are pretty much the same. Keep in mind that this is solely to clear out the browsing data and cache history from your desktop.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by opening your desktop’s browser.
  • In the search bar, type
  • Once you are on the homepage, enter your account credentials and log into your account
  • Navigate to your Profile and click on “Privacy and Security” under Settings
  • From there, click on “View Account Data” and click on View All under the available Search History
  • You then need to click on Clear Search History and finalize the step by clicking on “Yes, I’m Sure.”

Although deleting the cache does spruce up the overall speed of the app, it will misbehave because it doesn’t have access to the loaded data that it has before. If you are okay to compromise that bit of semblance, we’d encourage you to go ahead with the same.

Is it necessary to clear the Instagram cache from Android and iOS?

To be fair, most the users tend to clear the cache in hopes that it will speed up their application. While it does help with RAM management to an extent, it comes with complications too. Cache improves the Instagram experience of the users. This is a given for almost any social media platform you use.

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However, over time, the cache data can increase in excessive amounts, affecting the user experience. If you are tired of the lags, delays, and glitches on your smartphone, we’d recommend that you go ahead and clear the Instagram cache without any questions asked.

Is it possible to clear the Instagram cache without uninstalling the app?

Many users who don’t know how to clear Instagram cache think that deleting the application from the phone is the only way. It is far from the truth as you can see by now.

how to clear Instagram cache

The steps are pretty simple and are available on Instagram’s native app only. You can find the necessary features under Settings, making it an extremely accessible choice for you.

However, one thing that you should do after clearing the cache on your Instagram app is to refresh and reload the application. 

Is the Instagram cache slowing down my smartphone?

The excess availability of the cache on your smartphone might affect the application and the RAM management but it doesn’t slow down the speed of the phone in general. Having a suitable Instagram cache ensures to speed up the loading time of the application, allowing you to use the app without buffering and delay.

So, in a way, it is helping improve the overall user experience. However, if you don’t have a lot of phone memory available, it will affect the loading speed of the different features on the application. This includes the scrolling speed, loading speed of different images and videos, and also the time it takes you to create different types of image and video content on the platform.

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Whether or not you clear the cache from your Instagram depends on the status of your RAM and the available space in it.

We hope this guide gives you a detailed understanding of how to clear your Instagram cache. Try to keep this choice as the last resort if nothing else is speeding up your phone’s speed or user experience. The main reason is that the availability of the cache is good for your in-app experience.