Instagram Stories’ ‘Swipe-Up’ function is an absolute blessing if you want to generate visitors and sales to your website or blog. Only Instagram business accounts with over 10,000 followers or verified accounts can use this function for now. If you do not have follower counts in your account you can always buy them online. The ‘Swipe-Up’ function is ideal for companies and influencers that want to instantly share fresh content or goods with their audience! In this article, you will come to know how to swipe up on Instagram and increase the amount of traffic on your website.

How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram

What is the swipe-up feature on Instagram?

Viewers may visit a link by swiping or tapping on the arrow at the bottom of their screen without leaving the Instagram app or going back to the bio. By allowing companies and influencers to post links straight to their Instagram Stories, the Instagram swipe-up tool helps them reach their audiences and get more followers.

How do swipe up on Instagram?

There are a few necessary steps you need to follow while adding a link to your Instagram story and thus enabling the swipe-up feature.

  1. To make an Instagram Story, go to your main Instagram feed and tap the plus icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Take a photo, a Boomerang, or a video to start your Instagram Story. You may also swipe up to view your previously recorded material collection.
  3. Enter your URL by tapping the chain link symbol. (Keep in mind that you may only post links if you’re a verified user or have an Instagram business account with at least 10,000 followers.) An IGTV video link may be uploaded to an Instagram Story photographed by anyone.
  4. Always include a call to action with links on your Instagram Story so that your followers know to swipe up!

Can’t find the swipe-up feature in your Instagram application?

Now comes the worse part of the story. Unfortunately, as Instagram does for many of its features, the swipe-up feature was also removed in August 2021. So, now you cannot use the swipe-up feature any more in your stories, even if you have over 10,000 followers and a verified account (even then if you want to buy some followers for your account many websites can help you.

Why did they remove it? Well, no one knows the actual reasons. What Instagram announced was that they are going to add a better feature than swipe-up, which is Instagram link stickers. According to Instagram officials, these are the reasons why link stickers are better than the swipe-up feature.

  • Link stickers are more creative than the formal-looking swipe-up feature.
  • Stickers are well-known and appreciated among fans, who employ them to express themselves through music, questions, places, and polls, among other things.
  • Furthermore, stickers allow viewers to interact with a Story, whereas the swipe-up function did not allow for answers or reactions. You can also get more likes, and if you are still not able to do so, you can buy likes for your post virtually.

How to use the Instagram link sticker?

Although Instagram Stories only last for a day, including a link in your story may help you drive conversions, increase organic engagement, and make it simpler for your followers to find the material you want to share. Below you will find the steps to add an Instagram link sticker to your story.

  1. Select Story in the Instagram app by tapping the plus symbol.
  2. By using all the beautiful media you have, create an attractive story.
  3. Tap on the ticker symbol that you find at the top of your screen.
  4. Fill in the URL.
  5. Fill in the wording or call to action for the sticker (For example, FIND THE FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE).
  6. To resize your Story Pinch, place the sticker on it.
  7. Toggle through the available color schemes by tapping and choosing your favorite color which looks impressive. (Yellow, orange, beige, red, etc.)
  8. After that, just submit it to your Story and you are good to go.

All though link stickers are a new addition to the features column of Instagram, it has gained quite some name in recent times. They can be used by anyone and luckily you do not need over 10,000 followers and even a verified profile now, to post links on your Instagram story.

How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram

More ways to direct traffic to your website

What if you do not like this Instagram story link feature? It’s ok, we understand. We have some other way through which you can drive more traffic to a website, of course using Instagram. How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram It helps you grow in your business, as well as thrive as an influencer.

  • Using your DMs

If you want to take this to a more personal level and give importance to your followers as an advertiser you may want to post a story and mention the viewers to DM you for the link. This way you can gain the trust of your followers and build a strong network of reliable consumers.

  • Create a poll

You can also post something from your Instagram account and then start a poll on your story. This way you can engage more users with your post. The poll should be if you want the direct link to the website. After the poll is completed you can see which users have tapped on ‘yes’. You can now send them the direct links via DMs.

  • Link in Bio

Then there is the last option- Link in Bio. But if you are quite eager to increase the traffic to your website from Instagram you may want to avoid using this technique. This is a very tedious job for the users to go to your profile, find the link to your website and then visit there. Most likely they will avoid this way and traffic on your website will remain more or less the same.

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