To know someone you like or are interested in finding on Instagram is the best way to know them a little more. If want to know someone and want to interact with them along with getting access to their daily lives including their photos and videos, then knowing how to find someone on instagram is the first thing you should do.


How to find someone on Instagram

How to find someone on Instagram?

If you are not aware of the fact that you can find anyone who is on Instagram, then this article will give you the full information about how to find someone on instagram. Well, the procedure is very simple and easy to understand. To follow the profile of the person you are searching for is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these steps to find anyone you would like to on Instagram.

Step 1

First, you need to sync your contacts list. Go to your profile by clicking on the small icon present on the right Servicetom corner of your home page.

Step 2

After visiting your profile page, click on the three lines present on the right-hand side on the top of your profile.

Step 3

The settings and menu options are then displayed.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Discover People’ option from the drop-down menu followed by connecting your contacts.

Step 5

Now, as per your wish, you can follow the people you want to by clicking on the follow button next to their profiles on the contacts tab.

Step 6

You can also find people on the suggested tab and follow them.

Hence, these were the easy steps to know how to find someone on instagram if you don’t know their usernames. Finding people on Instagram is an easy task. If you know their usernames, then simply type their username on the search tab which is present at the Servicetom of your home page.

Syncing your contacts also makes it easier for you to get new suggestions and connect with people. Also, the main purpose of this social media platform is to connect with different people all around the world and interact with them.

Why is it important to know how to find someone on instagram?

The most important reason for finding people on instagram is to connect with them and to get a glimpse of their lives in form of pictures and videos. The sole purpose of instagram is to connect people through different posts and feeds. Whether you want to own a private account or a professional account you need followers to see and like your feed.

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The people in the form of followers is also what makes your account grow rapidly. Hence finding and connecting with people is important. The different methods to find people on instagram are finding someone by their username, by syncing contacts on your phone, and by using the ‘Discover People’ option from your instagram profile.

More effective ways to know how to find someone on instagram

Apart from the discovery tool and syncing contacts methods, there are a few more ways to find and connect with people on Instagram.

With the help of Google, you can search your friend’s profile on instagram even if they haven’t mentioned their name on the name section area of their profile. However, it can be a long process, but if you’re shy and don’t want to ask the IG handles of your friends, then this is a suitable process. Google provides you a list of names of people with IG handles and all you have to do is identify the person you know.

Another much easier method is by finding the people your friends are following. This is a clever and simple way to find people on Instagram . Just go to your friend’s profile and click on the following tab and find mutual friends or people you would like to know. Then by clicking on the follow button beside their profiles you get connected to them in seconds.

how to find someone on Instagram is

All these methods are sufficient to get to know how to find someone on instagram. With the relevant links attached to this blog, you can find ways to get connected with people of your preferences. You can gain followers based on your account type whether it’s fashion, sports, poetry, etc. Whatever art or personal blogging you do, you will find people on instagram that will engage with your posts. Anyone can access instagram from any device and from anywhere. Setting your location on your device also helps you to find people near you on Instagram.


So, the overall closure of the topic is ways to learn how to find someone on instagram. With the stepwise guidance and easy understanding methods, you can follow and interact with people you like on instagram. You can find many influencers, professional bloggers, and business experts as well on instagram. Not only this, you can find many entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, fitness pages, life lessons pages, facts and science pages, and accounts on instagram. People with every type of niche are active on Instagram these days. Hence, it’s a great opportunity for you to connect with them by finding them on Instagram.



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