If you’ve reached more than 1000 followers on your Instagram account, you must be willing to expand it more. To do so, you must know how to get sponsored on Instagram (Instagram ads)It is very normal for you to have uncertainties about your Instagram account and if it is so, read this post till the end to know everything about getting sponsored on Instagram. 

You can get sponsorship on Instagram with a small account and gain a lot of exposure in the market of your niche and create outstanding videos. In this post, you’ll come to know about a few ways in which you can get sponsored on Instagram and earn higher revenue. 

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms which offers a lot of new features. Instagram sponsorship is one of the best features you can get on this platform. Getting sponsored on Instagram is not easy but it is not difficult either. There are a few simple steps you need to follow to get sponsored on Instagram. 

Enhance the appearance of your Instagram videos 

Of late, marketing through videos on Instagram has turned into a popular trend. Businesses and celebrities can generate a large amount of revenue only by creating high-quality promotional videos. Marketing through Instagram videos has proved to be very advantageous for businesses too. 

how to get sponsored on Instagram (Instagram ads)

Can you get sponsored on Instagram with a small account?

Those days are long gone when brands used to look for highly popular faces with a long list of followers. They have an Instagram sponsorship program under which they search for micro-influencers in the same niche. The reason is that they have to spend a hefty amount for reaching the target group audience. Micro-influencers can be hired with a low budget but offer greater reward aspects within a business.

Mostly, the popular accounts on Instagram are very popular in comparison to an ordinary Instagram account from the point of view of a user. The level of engagement is lower for accounts that have millions of followers on their accounts. 

When the number of followers is less, the response is more spontaneous and engagement is higher. The sponsored posts on Instagram come along with the collaborations of brands and influencers. This is an important aspect of the growth of your business on Instagram. Some very effective tips you can follow to get sponsored on Instagram are mentioned below as follows:

  • Know your audience 

It is not enough for you to know the kind of content your audience wants you to post. You must do proper research to know the ways by which you can get connected with them along with the products and services you offer. You should also know about evoking their liking on the factors like gender, age group, distribution, location, and performance of your post.

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how to get sponsored on Instagram (Instagram ads)

Getting sponsored on Instagram can become much easier when you can give a clear explanation to your brands about the choices and requirements of your followers. If you know that you can have a good understanding of the category and type of audience will help you in scoring higher points with the bands who want to get into collaborating with you. 

  • Make use of sponsorship applications

There are several apps by which you can collaborate with influencers and marketers for the promotion of your brand. Influencer platforms can increase the popularity of your name in the market of influencer shopping and as an outcome; you can get noticed by the brand sponsorships through various social media platforms. 

  • Connect with your desired brand 

You can contact your desired brands without even giving them a second thought. You can even tag the name of their account, handle or brand to their post. With the content idea of ​​an influencer, you can be assured of genuine and relevant sponsorship for all your posts on Instagram. 

  • Increase the engagement level

A higher rate of engagement on Instagram posts will give you a better opportunity of getting featured on the explore page of Instagram. This page on Instagram lets influencers reach the people who are not included in their list of followers

  • Be original 
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The sponsorship program on Instagram requires the user to be as genuine as possible. Assure that you are loyal to all your followers and try to post content as per the identity of your brand. You can also collaborate with influencers and brands to generate higher revenue. Don’t forget the importance of your followers because they are the main factor responsible for your growth. Try and post quality content at regular intervals. 

  • Get affiliated 

Small accounts can largely benefit from Instagram sponsorship. Apart from that, ensure that you get affiliated with other accounts to improve the sales generated by the products and services offered by your brand. An affiliate mainly aims to improve the sales of the brands that partner with them to get commissioned. Influencers are known to contribute directly to creating brand awareness. 

Following the tips mentioned above about how to get sponsored on Instagram (Instagram ads)  can help you in going a long way if you want to get Instagram sponsorship.