Instagram can no longer be limited to being classified merely as a social media platform. It is undeniably one of the best marketing platforms in the online sphere. With around 1 billion active users, the platform is a storehouse of opportunities. If users know how to Instagram promote their accounts and content, they will be able to reach their target audience quickly and easily.

How To Instagram Promote

Even though there are millions of users on Instagram, you cannot expect to upload numerous posts every day and gain followers magically. Many guides may suggest you post content regularly but this means that you need to post content that is of high quality and has the potential to attract more followers. No matter how many posts you upload in a day, if they are not of good quality and engaging, users won’t be able to relate to your account and you will eventually lose your existing followers and your potential followers too.

Tips on how to Instagram promote

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can promote your Instagram content and account. Moreover, you can do most of it for free. When you promote your Instagram, your account and business will get more exposure because Instagram is home to many users. Being one of the most used social networking sites, Instagram will allow you to reach a wide audience and also connect with them. Engaging in the comments section and replying to their direct messages can help you gain a better understanding of what your users are like and what they like too. This can be effective in helping your brand increase its awareness. As a result, your customer base will witness an expansion.

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If you are keen to learn about the different ways how to Instagram promote and gain more followers, you can use the following tips.

How To Instagram Promote

Use Other Social Media Platforms

You can use other social media platforms to grow your Instagram account. If you have uploaded a new post, make followers that you have on your other social networking sites aware of the upload so that they can check it out on Instagram. Chances are that many of the followers you have on your other social media platforms may be unaware of your Instagram presence and when you make your presence known to them, they may be keen to follow your page.

Focus On Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t tried influencer marketing yet, it is high time you start diving deep into it because once you learn how to use it effectively, you will open your Instagram account to new levels of success. Influencers have tons of followers on their accounts who trust them a lot and their followers will want to follow all the suggestions these influencers have to give. Hence, if the influencer promotes your content on their account, be prepared to witness an influx of followers right away. You can find Instagram influencers online easily and if you need help in finding the same, you can use a reliable influencer marketing agency.

Connect With Your Friends And Family

Your friends and family can be a great place to start if you are looking to promote your Instagram account. Ask them to share your content on their page so that their followers can become aware of your account. This will lead them to check out your account and they may decide to follow your account as well if they like what they see. Hence, before you ask your friends and family to promote your account, make sure you curate your content properly and make your page appear visually attractive and engaging.

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Focus On Engagement

Many accounts focus only on gaining followers. While having followers is essential, it is equally essential to ensure that the followers you have are engaging in your content. You can easily buy followers online these days but you have to make sure that you are buying genuine Instagram followers who can engage in your posts. Research well on the sites you can trust to buy organic followers who won’t start unfollowing your account after two days and will increase the engagement rate of your account too. This is one of the best ways how to Instagram promote and grow your account.

Use Your Website

If you run a business, it is safe to assume that you might be operating a website to establish your brand’s online presence too. Use your website to make users aware of your Instagram presence so that they can start following your page. Much like the way other social networking platforms will make users aware of your Instagram presence, your website can be helpful in doing the same. Hence, utilize your web presence to your Instagram account’s advantage.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to gain the attention of users towards your social media account. You do attach the Instagram icon in your mail’s footer so that users can be directed to your Instagram account when they click on it. This can be highly helpful in increasing your Instagram presence.

Final Thoughts

If you are keen on increasing your Instagram account’s presence and want to learn how to Instagram promote effectively, do not forget to use the tips mentioned above.

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