Growing your following on Instagram is no joke. Not only do you have to be consistent, but you also need to stand out with the content you are posting as well. Like Facebook groups, you should know how to join an Instagram engagement group that can amplify your engagement and popularity on the platform.

If you think that an Instagram engagement group is just localized to that social media platform, that isn’t the case at all. Most of the Instagram engagement groups are created on other platforms.

However, the objective behind the platform is to bring in more audience, improve the engagement in the account and help each other to grow and flourish in their respective niches. To grow more on Instagram, you can also buy Instagram followers.

What is an Instagram Engagement group?

Instagram engagement groups are a lot similar to Instagram pods. They bring together a group of Instagrammers who work collaboratively to like, comment, and share each other’s posts to boost the account’s overall engagement rate.

Depending on the kind of platform the group is on, an engagement group can consist of as few as 10 people and as many as 1000 people. However, the latter becomes very extensive to keep up with.

how to join an Instagram engagement group

The main reason why most of the budding Instagrammers become part of the Instagram engagement groups is to amplify their post and further put the post on the explore page of Instagram.

With the right strategies, accounts can even go viral with their interactive content using an engagement group. All you need to do is dedicatedly post good-quality content that the Instagram algorithm pushes to your target audience.

Are the Instagram DM Groups worth it?

The most common type of Instagram engagement group is the DM group. This means that a bunch of Instagram accounts come together and create a group DM where they can share their posts, like, and comment on them to boost the overall credibility and engagement.

Since Instagram has a limit to the maximum number of people in a group DM, most of these engagement groups are quite small and have around 10-20 people in them.

Despite the small size, they are quite engaging and allow people to interact and network in real-time. So, if you want to grow your Instagram account organically, this is hands down the best way to do that.

Just ensure that you avoid group DMs that charge you money or don’t have any active contributors.

Are the Facebook and WhatsApp DM groups worth it?

If you don’t want the restrictions imposed by Instagram DMs and want to be part of a larger Instagram engagement group , Facebook and WhatsApp are good alternatives.

But, how to join an Instagram engagement groupWell, the process is simple. You can either become part of different private Facebook groups for Instagram engagement or you can create one of yourself.

When looking for Facebook or WhatsApp engagement groups, we’d recommend that you play it safe. Since you are sharing your contact details and even mobile number, always save your time on the genuine groups that have been in practice for a long time.

Are the Telegram Instagram engagement groups worth it?

Besides WhatsApp, people also leverage Telegram to create different Instagram groups. Not only is there no restriction on Telegram, but the platform allows users to create channels and niche-specific engagement groups. This comes in handy, especially when you want to collaborate with other Instagrammers who have a similar target audience as yours.

  • Since Telegram has a unique user interface, you do need an invite link to join a private Instagram engagement group.
  • Once you have that, you can join the group and then follow the rules as they are mentioned in the channel.

Make sure that you always stay active because that’s the biggest trait of a successful engagement group. If you aren’t actively interacting, people will either think you aren’t contributing enough or they will not prioritize your posts when you share them on the platform.

Are the Automated Instagram Pods Safe?

Another way how to join an Instagram engagement group is by using an automated Instagram pod. This is more like an AI-enabled automated process, where whenever a group member posts new content on their Instagram page, the other members automatically like and comment on the post.

how to join an Instagram engagement group

These are quite rare to find, especially because now many users are aware of them. That said, automated pods are very lucrative because you get assured likes and comments and you won’t have to put in manual labor into getting those done at all.

However, automated pods can easily become bot-like, alarming Instagram about suspicious activities. So, try to avoid them or use them as a last resort if you don’t want to end up getting banned or restricted from Instagram.

Are Instagram engagement groups worth it?

To be fair, Instagram engagement groups bring you the desired results you want to see. You get a fair number of likes and comments and your account might even go viral once in a while.

However, that’s where the problem lies. Instagram isn’t just about likes and comments. There is a lot more to the platform that you are probably not tapping into.

Joining Instagram engagement groups also make you compare your content with others; Compare how many likes and comments you got. It can also make you question the quality of your content when you don’t see as much engagement as you’d like to. 

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