Instagram provides a plethora of features to the users and hence the users of Instagram have arisen at a high rate. Instagram is indeed one of the most popular applications but you might have several queries in regards to the platforms. If you are as well interested to learn the answer to the question of how  to know if someone restricted you on Instagram then, you are at the very right spot.

Here in this post, we will be uncovering the answer to the question stated. We will be helping you understand what this feature is and how it can be beneficial. Hence, keep reading the post further for more information on the process of finding out if someone restricted you on Instagram.

Know about the new feature of Instagram: Restrict

Well, before you jump on to the next section that will be speaking about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram; you need to understand the feature. Instagram is a social media platform that offers an interesting list of lucrative features to users. Among multiple features that the platform offers to the users, the restrict feature is one of the most used features by the influencers particularly. Let’s understand what this feature is all about and how it is beneficial.

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

The restrict feature of the Instagram account helps the users to restrict a few of the users to stop getting the content you post. They will be restricted from seeing your profile content as well as other details in regards to you. Mostly, people use the restrict option on other users when some people bully the influencers on the platform. They unnecessarily flag the content posted by the influencers.

However, this does not mean it is applied only in the case of the influences rather influencers are just one example of the same. These days it is essential that the platforms provide safety against bullies as the teenagers are at high risk as per the reports.

By restricting an account, the users will be assured that the bully will not be able to view their account. However, this applies even to you, as even you will not be able to see what the person you restricted is doing. Interestingly, this provides the user with a lot of interesting features. You will be able to review any comments that the bully will be posting on your photos and videos.

It will be under your control whether the comment is to be displayed to others or not. Also, the bully will be restricted to message you directly in your inbox. Now that you are aware of this, let us move towards the next section to learn how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram.

How do you understand if someone restricted you on Instagram?

As you are already aware of what the restrict feature on Instagram is all about and how this can be beneficial for the users let us try and understand more details about the same. Here in this section, we will be covering the process to understand when someone restricts you on the platform.

Although you might not get a direct notification from the platform when someone restricts you on Instagram, however, you can easily find out whether you are restricted on Instagram through a few indirect ways. To understand how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, we suggest you continue reading further. The three key ways through which you can know if someone restricted you have been highlighted below for your reference and clearance.

  • Check the comments section

Before everything else, it is best suggested to check the comment section of the person you think has restricted you on Instagram. If you have ever commented on their post then do check whether your comments are visible even now. If your comments have been removed then this is a direct sign that you have been restricted by the person. In case you are still able to see the comments you have put earlier on their post then, there are chances that you are not restricted.

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

  • Go through the activity status

Well, the next best step, if you are still not sure, is to check the activity status of the person concerned. This is done by checking the offline and online status of the person on an Instagram account. However, to be sure about the restriction you need to confirm if other users can see the status of the person. It may be very much possible that the person has changed the settings and hence you are not able to see the status.

  • Try to directly message the user

To be completely sure whether you are restricted on the platform you can follow the final step which is messaging the person directly. If the person has not restricted you then you will find no trouble in sending the message directly to the person concerned. However, if you are unable to send a message or have not received a reply to a message sent long back then the person on Instagram may have restricted you.

A few of the ways these were through which you can understand if someone restricted you on Instagram. Now that you are aware of the process we assume you will be able to use it to find out if someone restricted you.

Instagram is an excellent platform as you might be well aware. You can do a lot of stuff on this platform but if you wish to learn how to find if someone restricted you then, we hope the post above will be a helping tool. Make sure you go through the post once again before you use the method to find out the same. Hoping you have got clarity over the topic, we suggest you do a bit of research always when you have any query regarding any kind of activity to be sure of the same.