Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform, one that is gaining rapid semblance among the varying users and brands. However, if you are someone who prioritizes the importance of customization over anything else, you’d want to know how to make an icon on Instagram.

The best thing about Instagram is the kind of versatility it offers. You have the complete creative freedom to create your posts, share your content, engage with your audience and sell your products. The choices are diverse.  You can also buy Instagram followers to raise your popularity.

The availability of icons on Instagram is quite diverse. You will more than often come across a lot of different types of icons that sort out your work and issues. Creating icons can come in handy for your online presence but unfortunately, there aren’t any in-built features in the app.

This guide will walk you through the tools that can help you sort that out for good.

How to Make an Icon on Instagram

For the users looking for ways how to make an icon on Instagramthe steps are simple, provided that you follow them accordingly.

So, knowing about some of the third-party applications can make the process a lot simpler and more manageable. We have sorted the top three choices for you to look into.

How to Make an Icon on Instagram

  1. Pinterest

Before you get confused, let us clarify what Pinterest is. It is an image-sharing platform where users can share their images or pin the images from other creators that they like.

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So, how can you use Pinterest to your benefit?

Well, given that Pinterest has millions and millions of pre-made images, the same includes Instagram icons too. This way, you can start with an inspiration and an idea instead of jumping headfirst into creating an icon that you don’t know how to get around with.

Also, there are free royalty-free images available on Instagram that you can directly pick up and use for your personal Instagram. In such cases, we’d recommend that you check the restrictions on the image before you end up using them to your benefit.

Besides directly getting an Instagram icon off of Instagram, you can look through the hundreds of already premade Instagram icons for getting an idea about the dimension, design and creativity that goes into making an Instagram icon.

Keeping that as a reference, you can then go ahead and pick out the option that best attracts your attention. The steps are pretty simple, not to mention that you don’t have to do much around it at all.

  1. Canva

Next on the list of the best tools for how to make an icon on Instagram has to include Canva. Unlike Pinterest where you can directly get access to the premade Instagram icons, with Canva, you have to do the hard work yourself.

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This means that you’d have to look into the steps and sort things out as they come. Also, while you are at it, make sure that you always use the premade templates that are available on Canva. This makes the process a lot more accessible and easier to go about, especially if you aren’t good with graphics.

Also, Canva is more or less a free web application, wherein you can use the templates, elements and even other features for free. It does have a Premium version that you have to pay an extra monthly amount for.

Once you have the template for the Instagram icon selected, you can then go ahead and edit it according to your needs. You can change the image, text, elements, and even the dimension of the icon to better fit your needs.

Just make sure that when you are saving the finalized Instagram icon, make sure that you get rid of the paid elements so you can use the icon for your Instagram use.

  1. Photoshop

If you are an advanced user, especially when it comes to graphics and you are looking for how to make an icon on Instagramwe’d recommend opting for Photoshop. It has an unlimited array of tools and processes that will more than likely make the process of selection a lot easier than you assume.

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How to Make an Icon on Instagram

Using Adobe Photoshop isn’t for beginners, especially if you don’t have any preconceived knowledge about the same. In that case, we’d recommend leaving the work for the icon-making to a professional with better knowledge about the same.

Also, Photoshop isn’t a free tool, so you need to purchase the software to be able to edit and make your icon and graphics. So, in case you aren’t a professional, paying that much money for a few times’ use isn’t worth it.

Besides the standard app, Adobe Photoshop Express, which is a mobile application, offers a lot of amazing benefits. Not only is it easier to use, but the app is also very easy to use, especially with the interface that it comes with.

Once you familiarize yourself with the dimensions of an icon, it is an easy process from there. Once done, you can then download the final Instagram icon from there.

If you were looking for viable apps to make an Instagram icon, we hope this post gives you all the necessary insights. Make sure that you do keep a check on your expertise and the kind of knowledge you have when it comes to creating new graphics or editing on a pre-existing template.