Instagram highlight covers are an important part of an Instagram profile because they can make an appealing first impression of your profile to others. You must know How to Make Custom Instagram Highlights Covers. 


It is situated just below the bio panel of your Instagram profile and it offers an enhanced appearance for your Instagram Highlights and also brings attention to the best content of Instagram Story. And, it is not always important for you to be a great influence in using these features. Covers are a great thing for a brand that invests more in aesthetics. 

How to Make Custom Instagram Highlights Covers?

Instagram is a platform that is used by numerous users from different parts of the world. Some too many users use this platform for several purposes including entertainment. When this platform emerged, it was used only for visual content but now it is even used for interactive purposes. You can buy Instagram likes to make your post engage more audience.

how to make custom instagram highlights covers

There are a lot of interesting aspects of this platform like the story, reels, highlights, filters, effects, etc. It offers a very interactive user interface which is one of the biggest reasons why people use it so much. 

How can you create Instagram Highlight Covers?

Instagram allows you to make use of any image that you like and set your highlights and covers. However, your brand also deserves more than just an image at random. This space is the most important space to convert those who lurk into your followers. You might want to create a good impression as well.

If you don’t have much time, you can use different third-party apps which have pre-existing covers which can be customized and used. But, for those who want to have greater control over your brand, some steps can tell you exactly how you want to develop a good Instagram highlight cover even if you don’t have one. 

If you think that your Instagram stories can’t last on your profile forever, you are very wrong. Instagram has introduced a new feature called Instagram highlight you can keep your stories on your feed forever and your audience can see them again and again. 

The Instagram highlights feature cannot only increase the life of your stories and get more attraction to the work but they are a good way of showing what your account is relevant to. Many influencers and brands make use of the Instagram highlight covers to feature various themes coveted by their account. You can also use different customization options with your highlight covers on Instagram.

You can use various graphic designs and patterns to increase the appearance of your account. Ahead of this post, you will know about the steps you should follow to make custom Instagram highlights covers: 

How can you make new Instagram highlight covers?

Before knowing how you can make custom Instagram highlights covers, your new bow must create a highlight on Instagram. 

  1. Click on the button located towards the Servicetom-right side of your profile. 
  2. Click on the + option and create a new story highlight on Instagram. It will redirect you to Instagram Archive where you’ll be able to see all past stories. 
  3. Choose the stories you want to be added in the highlight by clicking the round on the Servicetom-right side of the screen.
  4. Click on next. 
  5. Name your highlight. 

How can you make custom Instagram highlights covers?

To make custom Instagram highlights covers, you must have free access to a graphic designing platform. There are many such platforms available in the market and you can choose any one that is easy to access. Follow the steps mentioned below: 

how to make custom instagram highlights covers

  • Launch your account on any graphic designing platform and input your Instagram story in the search panel and start scrolling downwards. 
  • Tap on the template of Instagram Story as soon as it’s shoes. Now, you can get the ideal size for the cover of your Instagram story highlight. 
  • Tap on the elements from the sidebar and then click on the graphics option. Now, you can search across various examples to select icons for Instagram story highlight covers. There are lots of options you can get here like paid icons and free icons. As an alternate option, you can also create text-related highlight covers with the text options. 
  • After you select the icon that you want based on your cover of Instagram highlights, select a background color and tap on the download option. Ensure that the icon is not so but that some parts of it will vanish while cropping on Instagram.
  • Save it to your phone, return to Instagram and post the template in the form of a news story. To do this, visit your home page and keep swiping left. When you finally choose the picture that you want to use as the icon, make sure that you pinch the entire screen to zoom in as much as possible. This will make sure that no parts are cropped off.
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That’s all you should know about how to make custom Instagram highlights covers in detail. You can follow all the above-mentioned tips to design your custom highlights cover. 


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