Because the Instagram Stories Highlights are featured just beneath your Instagram bio, the cover you choose may significantly affect your brand’s immediate impression. To take advantage of them, you need not be an expert. Various entities, ranging from government agencies to multibillion-dollar corporations, use them extensively. This article contains all the information about how to make Instagram highlight covers.

Buying a large number of followers on Instagram and Facebook is the easiest method to become famous. You may become popular without having many followers by purchasing a large number of likes and shares for your content. By increasing likes on your profile you can reach a lot of people. Your covers may also drive more viewers to your Highlights with the design optimization, giving you significant extra exposure for your Instagram Stories material. This blog will approach to accomplishment if you’re trying to level up your Instagram Highlights covers.

how to make instagram highlight covers

How to make Instagram highlight covers?

Covers are a no-brainer for any company that places a premium effect on appearances. The astonishing thing is that they’re simple to produce even if you don’t have the expertise to be a creative designer.

Make highlights to keep your most extraordinary Instagram Story material at the peak of your account all the time.

  1. Highlight in the lower right corner of your Story.
  2. Select the Highlight to which you wish to add your Story.
  3. Alternatively, hit New to make a new Highlight and give it a name.
  4. Then press the Add button.

How to turn your Instagram profile into a fresh highlight?

  • To add a new piece to your account, go to your account and press the +New button.
  • Select the Stories you’d want to include in your new Highlight.
  • Instagram keeps a record of your stories dating back many years. Therefore don’t be scared to explore around for those Story treasures.
  • Next, give your new Highlight a title.
  • Tap Done after selecting your Highlight cover.

Make your customized highlight covers for Instagram

You may use whatever graphic you want for your highlight covers on Instagram. Your brand, on the other hand, demands more than simply “any look.” This location is ideal for turning regulars into fans. You want to make a positive impact. You may utilize Adobe Spark to customize and use pre-made layouts if you’re short on time.

To make a fantastic Instagram highlight cover from the beginning, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Join into a Visme account or sign up for a free membership at
  2. Pick Custom Size in the top right corner of the Visme interface, then fill in the Instagram Story picture size (1080 x 1920 pixels).
  3. Select Create from the drop-down menu.
  4. After completing the installation, unzip the file and select your favorites.
  5. Choose the icons you’d want to add from the left-hand menu settings My files, then click “Upload.” Click on the icon picture when it has been uploaded. Don’t worry if your symbol doesn’t appear on your canvas after you’ve imported it. It is most likely because the mark is made up of white lines on a transparent backdrop.
  6. Select Background from the context menu by right-clicking anywhere on your picture. A quick-access background badge will emerge in the upper left corner of your workstation. You may add a brand color in the HEX code section or choose a backdrop color.
  7. Give your idea a title. Then, in the upper right corner, tap Download. Select a file type (PNG or JPG are both available). Then select Download from the drop-down menu.

To include your remastered editions, modify your current highlights

To create your Content a spotlight page, you no longer need to include a picture. Alternatively, you may directly edit the highlight:

how to make instagram highlight covers

  • Navigate to your Instagram account.
  • You may alter the cover of a highlight by tapping it.
  • In the lower right corner, click More.
  • Select Edit Highlight from the menu.
  • Select Edit Cover from the menu.
  • To browse your phone’s photo library, tap the image icon.
  • Choose a stunning cover for your book.
  • Don’t forget to tap Done.

How to Use Highlight Covers and Icons on Instagram?

Once you’ve learned the simple tricks to create your custom highlight covers, utilize these pointers to make it as effective as possible:

  1. Colors, fonts, punctuation, and potentially even emojis are all preferences for your company. These should indeed be displayed on your highlight covers.
  2. When it comes to arranging your Instagram highlights, there are no restrictions. Remember to think about it from your audience’s point of view.
  3. Consider what’s most essential to your target audience. What are they looking for? Anything that will benefit you in the long run.
  4. You can bring new eyes to your greatest shoppable Stories and swipe-up material with the appropriate covers. This may help in converting your audience to consumers.


Using Instagram Highlights encompasses updating your account and promoting your fascinating stories is a quick and straightforward method. Investing work and attention into designing high-quality feature covers will help you raise brand recognition, get new followers, and show off your most valuable Instagram Stories material to newcomers.

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