Instagram has become the most popular social media in recent years. It gives people ample opportunities to become famous and earn money online. This article contains all the information about how to post-black screens on Instagram.

What is an Instagram story?

It is a feature of Instagram which allows us to share multiple pictures, videos, and many other things in a slideshow form. This feature provides us a place to show our happy moments, sorrow, joy, and happiness with all our friends, and family members who are termed as followers here. You can express your feelings through it. You can thank someone or say sorry to someone in front of all, which may add an effect. In simple words, you can create a lot of difference in your personal life through Instagram stories.

When someone posts a black screen on Instagram it can create a difference in our society, like when any big celebrity posts a black screen on Instagram, many watches that story, and it starts coming on news channels and their fans also start to post that same story on their fan page, which can create awareness to a great extent.

how to post black screen on instagram

Why do we need to post-black screens on Instagram?

It is a symbol representing sorrow or pain. Whenever any disrespectful thing happens we put a black screen story on Instagram. Some of the examples when we put black screen stories are

  1. Rape

Whenever these kinds of things happen, all of us post-black screens to show the sorrow and pain of the incident and to show that we are with the family members and we are against this incident.

  1. Cheating with farmers

Many big politicians and businessmen cheat on small farmers, so we can support them by adding a black screen on Instagram, this will create some awareness and it can even come on news channels.

  1. Injustice with students

This is very common in India, students get no value here. Many times injustice takes place here, you can support them by attaching a black screen on Instagram.

  1. Injustice with women

This is also a common practice in India this happens all day all time, like child marriage, dowry, etc.

These are some of the examples of when we post-black screens on  Instagram. In simple words, you put the black screen to support them and show them that we are supporting them, they are not alone.

Benefits of applying black screen stories on Instagram

As we have so many people on Instagram a minor step can also create a lot of difference in every field. We have many big people on Instagram like our prime minister, our actors, actress, and YouTubers. Whenever they put any story there, fans start spreading news, even if they have followers millions. So it is very easy for them to start a revolt. Not only the big person but even a common man can start a revolt against injustice.

For example- if any injustice with small farmers happens, all will start posting a back screen on their Instagram showing that they are with them in this protest and we will not tolerate this injustice. This is one of the simplest and most explained examples of why and in which situation we post-black screens on Instagram.

Instagram is the most used app nowadays, we all want to see high numbers of followers and likes on our posts. Some do it for fame and some to expand their small businesses.

how to post black screen on instagram

How do apply a black screen to the story?

In this paragraph, I will explain to you in detail how to post a black screen on Instagram. It is very easy to post, I will explain to you in some simple steps, so let’s start

  • First, you have to install an Instagram app on your mobile – This is a very basic and obvious thing to do, without downloading you can not proceed to further steps.
  • Open your profile – The second basic and easy step you have to follow is to open your profile by entering your id and password on the app.
  • Tap on your profile photo – When you will open your profile you will have many options there, placed on the top of the right-hand side of the screen. You have to touch it. This will open the camera, and then you have to touch the camera option displayed below.
  • Tap on the + option – When you will open your profile you will see the + option at the top of the right-hand side of the screen. You have to touch it. This will open your camera for further steps.

Like this picture, you will get results.

  • Now you have to keep your mobile on a flat surface and stop any light to enter your lens. Also, keep in mind to turn off the flashlight, this is the main thing to do.
  • This is the last step of the procedure. You have to click on the capture option when you see only black on the screen.

Now, that you are done, you can upload this picture to your story. You can even download it and keep it for further use or you can repeat this same procedure to post a black screen on Instagram.

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