Adding links to your Instagram bio makes you more informative and productive. You can add many links to your bio with different link tools. Links help your viewers reach out to your company, products, or services directly with ease.

How To Put Link In Instagram Bio 


How to put link in your Instagram bio?

The process of putting links on your Instagram bio is very easy to do. You just need to have your Instagram application, internet connection and must log in with the correct credentials. You can easily learn how to put link in Instagram bio. Below mentioned are the simple steps you need to follow to add a link in your bio.

step 1

Open your Instagram account on the application and click on your profile.

step 2

Now, you can see various options on your profile. You have to click on the ‘edit profile’ button near your profile picture and username.

step 3

The format of your bio appears, for adding a link, click on the website field and add your URL.

step 4

After adding the link you want to be displayed on your bio, click on the tick symbol on the top right corner of the page, or do save changes by clicking on ‘done’.

step 5

Now, you can see the link in your bio. Make sure the link appears blue which makes it a functional link.

How To Put Link In Instagram Bio

Hence, with these simple steps, you can add links and even change them whenever you want to. Links in bio are usually put up by professional account owners. People having a private account do not usually put links in their bios. But sometimes for promoting other pages or products of a website link or unlink can be added on any account type. So, anyone can learn how to put links in the Instagram bio.

Importance of knowing how to put link in Instagram bio

As you must be aware of how many business accounts or other professional accounts put up the phrase ‘link in bio’ in their stories. By this they want you to visit that specific website or page within that link. However, adding links is limited on Instagram , you cannot add links on captions or comments. This is done to prevent excess promotional things on Instagram. Adding links in bio is the most common way of advertising something on Instagram. Links can connect you to any webpage or product or service in the world.

By learning how to put link in Instagram bio, you give everyone a single click feature to transfer to a different page or site. By this, you grow your Instagram as well as your website and company. Many people also add various community’ and organizations’ links as well. Doing this spreads awareness among people about the particular organization which helps it to grow for good.

Today, Instagram has the maximum number of users which makes it a great platform to boost your company or any kind of firm. Adding direct links to your business or community also allows you to showcase your creativity. Many well-known business owners and employers may visit your account and may go through your added links for more information. This creates a good opportunity for you to get an offer from them to boost your business.

Types and ways of adding links in your bio

There are different purposes to add links to your profile. Links not only just direct you to some website, there are different links with different uses. As Instagram allows only one link on your bio, it may become difficult for business owners and other sophisticated accounts. Just one link is not enough. Hence, with various link tools, you can create a single unique URL, and learn how to put link in Instagram bio to add more different websites or pages within it. So with one link in your bio, people can access several other landing pages provided in it.

The question is what all things you can add to the link on your bio? It’s simple, all you have to do is decide what niche you want to display on your link. You can direct people to your blog or website, add a promotional link for a product or service, add a link for your YouTube channel, or an invitation link for any giveaway, survey, etc. All these types of things can be added easily to your link in just a few steps.

When knowing how to put link in Instagram bio you can generate more engagement of traffic for your products or websites that would also lead to an increase in sales. Adding creative links attracts people to your profile and website which overall benefits you a lot. You can organize a competition, giveaway, and provide links for participation. Involving prizes in the competitions is likely to increase more traffic to your page.

In the light of this article

Hence, it can be concluded that there are many advantages to learning how to put link in Instagram bio. It helps you to expand your business or brand. Having good social media management skills will boost your business automatically. With just a little creativity and innovation you can create great advantages by adding links in your Instagram bio.

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