Ever since the world got introduced to Instagram, they have been hooked to the platform. From pretty vacation pictures to mouth-watering food photos, Instagram delivers users with engaging content that keeps them scrolling their feed for more. However, if you have decided to disable your account for a while and want to rejoin the platform, learn how to reactivate Instagram effectively through this simple yet detailed guide.

Instagram has several features that make using the platform fun and useful. Beauty influencers can share their creativity by showcasing their beauty tutorials through Instagram reels or IGTV. For marketers, there are endless tools they can use to promote their products and services and gain new prospects. For all users, it is a place where people can connect with one another by sharing their pictures. Being a one-of-a-kind platform, Instagram has certainly garnered the likes of many people and it is quite evident that in the coming years, its use will become more prevalent.

If you have been part of the Instagram bandwagon for a while and decided to disable your Instagram account just recently, you may not deny that the platform can be highly addictive. You may open the app to check something and by the time you become aware of it, you will have scrolled numerous feeds and completely forgotten what you were doing. Instagram, at times, can be distracting because all you want to do is keep using the platform.

Hence, many people who have a busy schedule or want to give their minds a little rest may choose to deactivate their account for a while instead of deleting it completely. This is a good thing because once you delete your account, you won’t be able to access it again. Instagram will delete your account permanently due to which, there won’t be any proof of the existence of your account. You might have to search for influencers again. Hence, deactivating your account on a temporary basis is much preferred.

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how to reactivate instagram

Steps to Reactivate Instagram Account

Reactivating your account is pretty easy. You can learn how to reactivate Instagram through the following steps.

method 1

  • Firstly, ensure you have deactivated your account for at least twenty-four hours, or else you will not be able to reactivate your account. Also, if you deleted your account, you will not be able to access it again.
  • Once you have made sure of these factors, you can head to the Instagram app and log in using your account details.
  • Enter your login credentials such as your username and password Instagram will sign you into the platform and you can access your account once again.

method 2

  • Sometimes, you may not have disabled your account but a message may show up that your account has been disabled by the platform itself for violating some rules. In such cases, you will have to file an appeal form.
  • Go to the help section of the app, and look out for the appeal form. Enter your name and other details that have been asked for.
  • Type in your appeal request in the text box stating the reasons your account should not be deactivated and try to make it convincing. Following this, you can send the appeal.

method 3

  • If you are having some trouble logging in through your username or password, try using your email address or phone number.
  • If you are still having problems, close the app and try to open it again or open the app in a different browser.
  • You can choose to reset your password as well to access your account again and if this does not work, try deleting the app and installing it again.
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These are some steps on how to reactivate Instagram if you are facing troubles reactivating your account again. To make sure you do not face any hassle during the process, make sure you know what is causing the trouble in the first place so that you can know the solution and fix the issue effectively.

how to reactivate instagram

If you do not want to use Instagram, it is better to temporarily disable your account. Most people delete their entire account and later on, they end up regretting it. You may be having mood swings right now and therefore, you may not hesitate in deleting your account but once you start remembering about those long-gone Instagram days and want to rejoin the platform, you will have to create a whole new account, gather new followers all over again, and basically, go through the entire journey all over again. Hence, to avoid this, it is better to disable your account temporarily so that you can reactivate it anytime you feel like using it again.

Final Thoughts

Even though Instagram can be highly addictive, it has many benefits that keep a person wanting to keep coming back to the platform. Marketers have many opportunities to market their business from influencer marketing to content marketing. However, if you felt like taking a break and disabled your account for a while, you can use the steps mentioned above on how to reactivate Instagram and start using the platform once again.