Instagram is always boasting of great content. From hilarious memes to the latest football news, from drool-worthy food photography to the latest trends in the beauty industry, Instagram never makes you miss out on anything. Hence, if you feel like reposting the stories you’ve just come across, learn how to repost Instagram stories successfully so that you can make your account more engaging.

When you repost an Instagram story, it lets the people who follow you view the content too. If there is anything interesting you come across on Instagram and you might want to share it with a large group of people, reposting it in your story is a great idea. Instagram is no longer a platform where you only share the prettiest pictures you one or post your latest vacation pictures.

From the latest headlines to the latest developments in society, Instagram accommodates everything nowadays and many people try to forward their social messages through the platform itself. Because there are numerous users who use the platform every day, it is a great opportunity for influencers, activists, celebrities, brand owners, and the like to get their voice heard on a prominent platform. Hence, if there is something that relates to you and you want more people to be aware of it,reposting the content is a great thing to do.

how to repost instagram story


From influencer marketing to marketing your products, reposting a story can come in handy at any time. Reposting a story on Instagram is pretty easy regardless of whether you want to repost a photo or a video. If the account whose content you want to share is public and if the account is private, well, you might have to work a little harder but nonetheless, it is very easy.

Steps To Repost Instagram Story

Here are some of the few methods you can follow if you want to learn how to repost Instagram stories easily.

Method 1

  • Go to the Instagram app and select the post that you want to repost.
  • After this, click on the share button. Click on the option to add the post to your story.
  • Your story will open up and you can edit the post or leave it as it is and share it in your story.

This method is pretty easy but only works for accounts that have not disabled their sharing options. If you have been tagged in a story, you will automatically be recommended by Instagram to share the story on your profile. However, many accounts may be public or private but they may have disabled their sharing options. Hence, the above method might not work the same. Here is what you can do instead.

Method 2

  • There are several websites and apps that are solely dedicated to enabling users to repost a post on their story even if the account had disabled their sharing settings.
  • Download a reliable app developed to serve the purpose. Once done, go to Instagram and scroll to the post you want to share.
  • On the side of the post, click on the three dots and copy the link of the post.
  • Now go to the app, and paste the link you have just copied. After this, you can start downloading the concerned photo or video.
  • Once your photo or video is downloaded, you can save it to your gallery.
  • You can choose to edit the photo or video if you want or you can skip this step and post it on Instagram.
  • Go to the Instagram app and share the content in your story.

These two are the easiest methods you can use to learn how to repost Instagram stories easily and share any photo or video on your story.

If you want to repost stories creatively, here are some things you can follow.

  • Instagram has many effects and features that are readily available on the app itself and you can add those features when you are about to upload a story.
  • When you are uploading the story, in the story section, there may be several icons at the top. You can click on effects to add unique filters to your story.
  • If you want to make your story more engaging and a little bit cooler, adding GIFs is a great choice. For this, you can head to the emoji section and search for the GIF you want to add.
  • You can also add texts to your story to make it look more aesthetic and customize the font from the various font styles available. You can also choose the color of the font according to your liking.

how to repost instagram story

These are some of the ways through which you can make your Instagram story more engaging, creative, and fun. You have all the features at your hand so do not be afraid to try out new tools and experiment with them.

Final Thoughts

Reposting a story is a fun way not only to engage with your existing followers but to also let other users know that you value their content and are therefore sharing the same. They may even check out your page and start following you. Reposting stories is a great method to increase the engagement rate of your page so you can use these above methods to learn how to repost Instagram stories easily and effectively.

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