Instagram is one of the very popular social media platforms which are used by a lot of users throughout the world. Initially, this platform was known to feature only visual content but gradually, many updates have been introduced and Instagram keeps implementing a lot of new features including the story feature. 

In this regard, how to see old Instagram stories is a common question that people tend to have. If you are one of them, read this post till the end to know details about this. 

What are Instagram stories? 

how to see old Instagram stories

Instagram stories are undoubtedly one of the most well-known features of this extremely popular social media platform. Just like Stories on other social media platforms, this one also offers a story feature. These stories appear on your feed only for 24 hours, or till the person who posts the story deleted it. But, dissimilar to Snapchat Stories, Stories on Instagram don’t disappear fully after 24 hours. 

As Instagram stories disappear from the feed after every 24 hours, they are archived in the application. So, when you are posting a story but it disappears before you get a chance to save it, you don’t have to worry as it can still be recovered. 

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Similar to a lot of users, you might not know about the existence of this feature and how you can access it. To know more about how you can view old and expired Instagram stories, continue reading. 

With the increasing popularity of Instagram stories, a lot of users on Instagram have started to ask if there is any way by which they can access the stories after the usual time-bound of 24 hours. Replying to this, Instagram included the Highlights as well as Archive features again in 2017. 

Highlights also enable you to group all story elements and post on your profile just like any ordinary post. They are entitled as Highlights but they are more like any other Instagram post. There is another feature called Archive that allows you to save your stories to use them anytime in the future. 

It is significant for you to note that your stories are archived only for your use. For the rest of the people, they will expire after 24 hours just like a normal story. 

There is a highlight and archive feature by which you can save the story you want to see later. You just need to tap on Archive or highlight, to save any story that you want to see later. 

The Archive feature can be turned on by default but it is off, you can switch it on by the settings option. Locate the stories option in the privacy settings and navigate to the save to Archive option. 

  • Click on the menu icon in your profile 

To see other old Instagram stories, toggle to the screen of your profile and clock on the hamburger symbol on the topmost right side to click on the menu. 

  • Click on Archive 

From the menu, you must click on the Archive option to see your stories on the Archive. There, you can share it again, highlight the stories and also get into interacting with your stories. This is the main brief of viewing old stories but also seeing the stories of other people differently. 

Can you see someone else’s old Instagram story? 

how to see old Instagram stories

Considering the design, Stories can be viewed only for 24 hours and there is no way in which you can view a story after 24 hours. However, if you know the person who is the creator of the Story. You can also ask them to share the story without you of you save it from the Archive of their account. 

If you want to see the stories of other users who are already expired, that is just as far as you can reach. This feature has been added with the intent to be easily accessible like the story feature of other platforms. But, if you find yourself to be frequently viewing the expired stories of other users, there are some measures you can take: 

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Save the stories of other users 

The best part about the story feature is that you can view them for 24 hours. This can give you ample time to decide if you want to save the story. Some websites are created for saving Instagram stories. You must choose a website that is easy to approach and requires minimal effort and seek a place from where you can buy Instagram likes to make your profile more engaged. 

All that you need to do is input the username of the user along with the name of the website that has active Stories. Then, you need to choose the story that is to be saved and tap the download option. This is not the only option available as there are a lot of websites that can be used for the same purpose. However, this is the easiest way of doing it. 

That’s all you need to know about how to see old Instagram stories. There are a lot of options by which you can see old Instagram stories which means you can view expired Instagram stories by different means including using third-party applications.