If you use Instagram for your business, you’d know the importance of post insights and metrics. But, do you know how to see post insights on Instagram? Most business accounts are now leveraging Instagram to showcase their products and grow their business.

how to see post insights on Instagram

To grow your Instagram to optimal heights, you need to know which strategies are working and which aren’t. The easier way to grow your customer base and improve visibility is by keeping track of your insights. Not just the demographics of your audience, insights also give you a tangible idea of ​​what’s working and what isn’t.

Top brands are becoming more and more reliant on advanced analytics to drive growth, so why should you step back? If you want to measure the Instagram insights, understanding the process is important too.

You can read through this comprehensive guide to understand more about Instagram insights, their significance, and how you can view them.

What is Instagram Insight?

Before learning how to see post insights on Instagram, let us understand the basics first.

Instagram Insights is a comprehensive set of data that helps accounts, especially business accounts understand the impacts of their marketing strategies. It includes a list of analytical data, including the post outreach, basic likes and saves, and how many accounts the post reached to.

The insights also highlight the overall profile visits, the demographics of the followers, and also the degree of outreach and engagement that a single post has gotten on the platform.

If you want to keep track of your Instagram insights, you should either have a public profile or a business account. The available post insights, although quite limiting on Instagram, take care of most of the basic queries that businesses have, about their growth.

How can you view Instagram post insights?

As we said, when it comes to how to see post insights on Instagram, the account has to be a public or a business account. This overcomes any privacy restrictions imposed by the user, allowing Instagram to look through the account settings and outreach to give more accurate data.

For the post insights, you need to follow two distinct steps:

Set up a public, business account

For switching to a business account on Instagram, follow the steps mentioned:

  • Open the application and navigate to your profile and change it to Public first
  • Again, from your profile, click on Settings from the drop-down in the top-right corner
  • Scroll down the options and click on “Switch to Business Account”
  • An Instagram business account must have a Facebook page. So, make sure you have one connected to the account for easier access.
  • Once everything is done, click on Done and your Instagram account is now a Business account.

Access the Instagram insights

Once you have activated the Business account, and then come to the steps to view the insights involved. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to the Profile
  • Click on the three-bar menu that is present in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Under that, select “Insights” from the available options
  • Under Insights, you will find “Activity, Content, and Audience”. Clicking on that will give you a detailed look into the individual account insights.

For a particular post insight, follow the above steps and then focus on the following:

  • Scroll down to “Content you Shared” and then click on feed posts under that
  • Under that, you can tap on “View Insights” for a more detailed insight into the individual post insight.

These insights include the account you have reached with a particular post, the content interaction markers, the followers you have, and so on.

how to see post insights on Instagram

 What is the meaning of Profile Instagram Insights?

When you have access to the individual post insights on Instagram or even the profile insights, it includes a lot of key markers in it. They include:


Under the activity tab, the users can get insights about:

  • Profile visits
  • website clicks
  • E-mail
  • calls

Amidst them, the first two are quintessential for businesses to keep track of. Knowing how many users clicked on your profile and clicked on the linked website to your profile gives you an insight into which marketing strategies are working. They also give an idea about which kinds of the audience to target the next time around.


When looking into how to see post insights on Instagram, the content tab is what gives you all the updates about the same. It gives the individuals information about the different photos and video content along with the stories and highlights you have posted. It is also ideal to check the growth of a particular promotional paid post that you have published on the platform.


The last tab under Instagram insights is the Audience tab. This gives you a complete idea and outlook of the target audience. Not just the number of audience and followers but detailed data about the audience and the demographics. These include an idea about the gender, age range, top locations, and individual followers

Knowing how to see post insights on Instagram can transform the user experience and elevate it to the next level. Having a first-hand idea of ​​which accounts are engaging and what kind of content is working can transform your overall user experience on the platform. That said, more and more businesses are now finding value in the importance of these individual post insights and you should hop on the train as well.


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