Instagram is similar to other social media and messaging systems, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. New features are continuously being introduced, such as the how to see when someone was last active on Instagram feature. 

If you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp – Serviceh of which are owned by Facebook, like Instagram – you’ll know that they indicate when you’re online and when you were last active, or last seen in the case of WhatsApp. Instagram operates in the same manner.

Although the “Show Activity Status” option is activated by default in Instagram’s settings menu, you may toggle it off, just like you can in WhatsApp – something Messenger does not allow.

how to see when someone was last active on Instagram

As you read on you will see we have discussed this entire “last active” feature, what is it, how to see it, how to disable it, and so on. So if you had had any questions regarding the same, you know that you have come to the right place. In case, if you want more reach for your profile, then you can also buy Instagram likes

What is this “last active” feature?

Before we go on to have a look at how to see when someone was last active on Instagram let’s first clear out some basic details regarding the “last active” feature. 

Instagram, just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger displays the last time a contact was online. When attempting to avoid communicating with someone online, some people find this function to be a bit of a curse. Others find it beneficial since it can tell them whether or not someone is available to speak with them. 

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Instagram isn’t a conversation app, and its features launched last year were targeted toward photographs and videos. It still has a chat function, namely the Direct Messages option, where answers to your story are sent. Instagram now allows you to examine the ‘Last Seen’ status for Direct Messages.

How to see someone’s “last active” on Instagram?

Now, let us take a look at how to see when someone was last active on Instagram.

The ‘Last Seen’ status is not displayed for individuals you follow, people who follow you, or people you follow who follow you back. The feature is dependent on who you direct message. Again, a simple DM request is insufficient to uncover someone’s Instagram ‘Last Seen’ status. Only profiles with which you have exchanged messages can see the ‘Last Seen’ status.

To check the ‘Last Seen’ status, open the Instagram app and go to your inbox by tapping the paper aircraft symbol in the upper right corner. The time when the person was last online might be shown in the list of chat threads.

It should be mentioned, however, that the status does not pop up as the updated one as soon as the user comes online. It might take some time for someone online to appear online with the ‘Now’ status. If you access Instagram by accident, your online standing is not instantly jeopardized. Furthermore, publishing a photo on Instagram does not alter your online status. It appears to update only when the user opens their DM.

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How to hide your “last active” status on Instagram?

You don’t have to appreciate the feature necessarily just because of how detailed it is about revealing your online status. You can hide your ‘Last Seen’ status if you like. Open Instagram and go to your profile. 

To access the Options menu, use the cogwheel button. Scroll down to the Settings section on the Options page and uncheck the ‘Show Activity Status’ checkbox. The modification takes effect immediately.

Instagram has implemented a ‘Last Seen’ function with certain limitations. We should mention that, in addition to the ‘Last Seen’ status, there are additional ways for others who follow you to obtain a general notion of when you were last online. They can see when you last posted on Instagram or click to the following page on the notifications tab to see your most recent account activity.

What are the reasons you are not able to see someone’s “last active” on Instagram?

how to see when someone was last active on Instagram

Instagram does not display the “Last Active” status because you have exceeded the limit of 25 people, the user has disabled their activity status, the user has blocked you, or the user has limited you.

To begin with, if you scroll past more than 25 persons on your direct message list, the “Last Active” status of the 26th user will be hidden. When you navigate through your direct message list, you’ll note that only the persons you’ve recently messaged have the “Last Active” status.

On the other side, the “Last Active” status is not displayed for users who you haven’t messaged in a long time.

The “Last Active” status will only be displayed for the first 25 individuals on your direct message list. Once you’ve reached the 25th user, the “Last Active” status will no longer be shown.

Following that, if someone disabled their activity status, it will be concealed from everyone. Third, if you are banned on Instagram, you will no longer be able to read their status updates. This will also conceal their Instagram profile from you and make it unsearchable.

Finally, limiting someone will hide their status as well. If you are limited, you will not be able to view when someone was “Last Active” on Instagram. Aside from the concealed activity status, you will not be able to know if they have seen your messages. Furthermore, if you remark on an image shared by somebody who has restricted you, it will be held.

On social media platforms, privacy is of the utmost significance. Staying private is the safest method to surf in the digital age of social media. If you’re not sure how to keep anonymous on Instagram, you can disable the active status. We addressed how to see when someone was last active on Instagram, how to turn off the active status on Instagram, as well as some of the reasons why the “last active” status may not be displayed for a certain user. Hope it helps!