Every day you can see numerous posts featured on Instagram. Every user follows their desired page or account whenever they find a good video or photo. They prefer saving it so that they can view the post later or use it as wallpaper or even send it to someone. Thus, every user should know how to see who saved their Instagram posts.

how to see who saved your Instagram posts

There are times when people may save your posts but they don’t know how to view the videos and photos which are saved. Now, there is a common question that comes to the mind of people and this post will solve all your queries regarding this.

Instagram is a very popular platform that is used by a lot of users from different parts of the world. It has several features like Reels, stories, etc. Recently, Instagram has introduced a feature by which the users can save posts shared by their favorite content creators and influencers on Instagram.

Be it a public account or a private account, this feature can be used in all. There are different ways in which you can save posts on Instagram and also view who saved your posts on Instagram. Continue reading below to know more about this.

How to know if someone saves your post on Instagram?

Your pictures and posts can be saved by other users simply regardless of whether they have a private or public account. You’ll not have any clue about the activities of a person who is saving your posts. But there are ways by which you can know the exact number of people who save your photo or post. This option can be availed via the advanced feature of insight on your Instagram account. But to get this feature, you must change your Instagram account to a creator or business account.

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  • Launch Settings on the Instagram app and click on the account option.
  • Now select whether you want to change the account to a creator account or a business account.
  • After the change is done, go towards the right at the lower part of the screen to see your profile. You can check all the posts now.
  • Now, when you catch up with the posts, click on a post if you want to know the save count of the post.
  • The post will now get loaded first then tap on the view insight option. This option will show up under the video or image of your post.
  • This is how you can check all the advanced insights of your post. You will also find a bookmark option that will represent the view count. The number that shows up is the number of times your post is saved by someone in any collection.

How to save Instagram posts?

Instagram is overloaded with content that can appeal to you and you’ll want to save all the posts to the collection. But, the problem you may face here is how to see who saved your Instagram posts. There are a lot of ways by which you can save Instagram posts. Here are some of them:

  • First, you’ll find an icon looking like a bookmark on the right side Servicetom of each post that you come across on Instagram.
  • You just need to tap on the icon and it will be saved to the collection.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to view the saved posts in the collection tab of your profile.
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Do you get notified on Instagram when you save a post?

Whenever you save a particular post on Instagram, the person doesn’t get notified in any way. So, you can be assured about those and continue to save as many pictures as you want to fill up the collection. This platform doesn’t reveal the username and identity of the person who is saving your post. There is no way by which you’ll know the identity of the person who saves your posts on Instagram.

Can a user see if you save their post on Instagram?

If you worry that the person whose post you are saving will come to know that have saved their post. There is no concern for you as they will get no details of you whenever any particular post is saved. If you have a business account, the insight option will help you in checking the number of times a post is saved.

how to see who saved your Instagram posts

The insight however cannot share any personal information pf the people who save your posts.

This is mainly due to the increased popularity of Instagram and it gives a lot of importance to the privacy of users. The identity like username and other details are kept hidden and more details are shared. So, you can save various posts you like and there is no worry about anyone coming to know about the fact that you save their posts.

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That’s all you should know about how to see who saved your Instagram posts. This feature on Instagram is used by the majority of users and through this feature you can save the posts shared by all your favorite Instagram users and influencers. There is no restriction imposed by Instagram on how many posts you can save and you can save as many posts as you want endlessly.