No, we aren’t talking about dating apps just because there’s a mention of Swipe. We are discussing how to swipe on Instagram on PC, especially when you have multiple photos and videos in a post. While it is easy to do on your mobile application, is it the same when you are accessing Instagram via the desktop?

The answer is no. There are some complicated steps and a few roundabouts that you need to make to get there. But, there are a few simple alternatives that we will be highlighting in this guide for better understanding.

how to swipe on Instagram on PC

The Windows app or even the Chrome version of Instagram lacks a variety of features, especially when it comes to something as simple as swiping through the posts. Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it?

This guide will highlight everything about the swiping feature and how you can use it while you are on Instagram’s PC version.

How do I swipe on Instagram PC?

If you use Instagram, you’d know that swiping is a very significant feature of this app. It allows users to navigate through posts that have multiple images or videos in them.

While you might not get the hang of it on the Instagram PC version, the process isn’t as complicated as it seems. However, you indeed need to put some manual effort into the process to be able to achieve that.

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Here’s what you can do:

  • Open your Instagram PC app or you can open Instagram on your Chrome browser
  • Once you have logged into your account, you can navigate to the post that has multiple images or videos in it
  • Scroll to the middle right side of the post
  • You will find an arrow. Clicking on that will move you to the next photo or video in the post.

If you use a laptop that has normal gestures on the touchpad, you can activate that to swipe through the posts as well. However, keep in mind that this feature isn’t applicable to every laptop that you use, so we’d recommend checking first.

Besides the trackpad, the use of a 4-way Scroll Mouse is another hack. They are not that easily accessible, so we’d recommend that you buy one for ease of usage. These kinds of mice allow hyper-speed scrolling, which is again a very beneficial feature. The left scroll button in such a mouse can work for swiping on your Instagram photos or videos.

Why can’t I swipe on Instagram PC?

If you are following the above-mentioned steps but still can’t manage to swipe through the photos or videos in a single post, chances are that it is an app issue.

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Although the introduction of Instagram’s Windows app has solved a lot of complications for PC users, it has brought along a lot of downsides to it as well. If you aren’t able to swipe, we’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app to your device. How to swipe on Instagram on PC.

Also, if you haven’t updated the app in a long time, check for available updates and sort that out as well. Sometimes, software issues and bugs in non-updated apps can prevent easy functions.

how to swipe on Instagram on PC

Why should you upload multiple pictures?

While we are on the topic of how to swipe on Instagram on a PClet us discuss why most users tend to upload multiple swipeable posts?

If you are new to Instagram or you aren’t a very frequent user, you’d know that the facet and functionalities of Instagram have changed and evolved. What used to be a simple image-sharing platform has now evolved to become a marketing platform and a source of both active and passive income for users from across the world. How to swipe on Instagram on PC.

So, making the most out of each post is not a question but has become a necessity now. Users are consistently on the lookout for ways to create a more engaging person on the social media platform and posting multiple photos and videos in one post allows that.

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It gives the audience a glimpse into the user’s vision through a single post. It also allows the users to include “lesser-quality” images in a post that they otherwise wouldn’t post individually. When you include them in a swipeable post, they are hidden in the later part, so the actual feed of the user remains as aesthetic as they want.

A multiple-image and video post also attract more attention and engagement, so now you know why the concept of multiple posts is so popular on Instagram. This is also one of the reasons why users are so particular about having access to the “swipe” feature on Instagram PC.

Given that users are becoming more and more modern and intriguing, even app developers are introducing new features and functionalities to augment the overall user experience. So, don’t be surprised if we end up getting an even better form of scrolling later in the future.

When you are using Instagram and wondering how to swipe on Instagram on a PC, we hope that this article gives you all the insights that you need. Ideally, the steps aren’t as complex. Just ensure that you are using the latest version of the app or follow the hacks as we mentioned down here. Avoid downloading third-party apps for such a small feature, especially because it is not needed at all.