People can make an unlimited account, it’s all upon their choice there is no restriction from Instagram. Having many accounts means, again typing your username, entering passwords, and then opening another account again will do the same work. This is irritating, and it is time-wasting at the same time. 

Wait, now no more problems, I am here to get you out of this. What if I say that you don’t have to erase your previous account to get into your second account, you all will be surprised and happy at the same time. For this, you have to know how to switch accounts on Instagram.

 How to switch accounts on Instagram

Why there is a need to switch between accounts –

As we know we can use Instagram for many purposes like expanding business, seeing other stories and posts, and many more as mentioned in the above paragraph, but we can’t use the same account for these many purposes that is why we have to make several accounts.

Another reason is, as we know Instagram provides us a feature in which we have an option of whether to make a public account or a private account.

So many people make content reels or videos, and through that, they provide information or entertainment to others, thus they have to make a public account, but they can’t share their all happening in that public account so they are forced to make another private where they add only their closed ones, this makes them free to share.

Nowadays Instagram is the most used social media, we want to increase our followers, for many different purposes.

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How many accounts can we switch to?

As I proclaimed in the first paragraph we are free to make Instagram accounts but don’t have the freedom to switch to unlimited accounts. There is a restriction that we can only switch up to 5 accounts. In simple words, if I have up to 5 accounts I can switch between them without any regulation but when it comes to switching on more than 5 accounts on Instagram, it will not allow us to do so. So you have to keep this in mind before you think of switching between accounts on Instagram. 

How to switch between accounts on different appliances

We can run Instagram on different devices like android mobiles, laptops, desktops, Iphones, etc. Let me explain the steps to switch in different appliances

In android mobile

To switch into accounts in android mobile we need to follow some very easy paces. I will provide you with some small easy steps

  1. you have to tap on your profile.
  2. you have to tap on your username.
  3. there you will see the accounts you have added, then you can switch to your desired or needed account just by a tap.

People generally want to see many likes on their posts, this also attracts people to the post on how to switch accounts on Instagram.


Switching accounts on the desktop is quite different from Android phones. This will become very easy if you will do it with the shift. There are only two simple steps to switch in That is –

  1. you have to add your account to shift. Once you do this your accounts will start reflecting on the left side bar.
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2 . You now only have to touch the account, which you want to get in. Then you will be in your desired account.

This much only is required to switch accounts on the desktop. I have mentioned the easiest way to switch so that you don’t face any problems during your process.

Companies choose to advertise their products with the help of influencers because of their fame, you can try music fields like singing to get famous.

 How to switch accounts on Instagram

Do you need updated Instagram for switching accounts?

Yes, you need an updated version of your Instagram account to do this. Many faced problems in the old version, so they simply deleted the older version and installed it again and their problem was solved. You can perform the same if you face this kind of problem. As a new version, Instagram’s designed more accurately. 

Becoming a famous influencer is the dream of many, you can try posting explained videos because people will choose videos over lengthy texts.


 We need to make several accounts for many purposes because of the features and uses of different accounts in public accounts everyone can see our posts and stories and in a private account, only those can see whom we allow seeing, they are termed our followers. We generally make public accounts to get famous or to spread our business or we want our specific videos to be seen by everyone but we can’t share everything with the public as some feel insecure doing this.

They need another private account where they add only their closes or whom with we want to be disclosed, this could be the one reason to switch in between accounts. So there is a simple procedure to switch in between accounts, that is you have to touch your profile picture there and you will be provided with the accounts which you have added, you just have to tap on the account in which you want to switch and it’s done.

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