Stories on Instagram blocked

Instagram Stories are the hottest thing right now when we talk about the top digital features of social media. Do you realize that over 500+ million people from different parts of the world are uploading and interacting with this feature on a daily basis? That’s how fun and engaging this feature of Instagram is. Here, you can upload your story on Instagram for a duration of 24 hours, after which it expires automatically. But the stories end up getting saved on your archives. The stories are used by everybody from businesses to top-rated social influencers to normal users.

A profile may use it for marketing purposes or for sharing regular content. It can be something educational, promotional, funny, motivational, etc., you name it. You can even use the story feature to repost content for the viewers who have missed out on your posts. It helps secure more likes, reshares, and followers. Many folks even use it to give shoutouts to promote account visibility. If you follow certain people, then you may have seen this before. The number of things that you can do via stories is unparalleled.

The Sad Part of Stories

One drawback to Instagram stories would be when you get blocked from viewing someone else’s story. To be honest, nobody likes the feeling of being blocked. You have to realize that Instagram will never notify you if you get blocked by someone regardless of it being in stories or your account in general. So, are you suspicious that a person close to you has blocked you from seeing their stories? Are you a parent who suspects that your child has blocked you from viewing their stories?

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If you know someone who is a frequent poster, but suddenly you see that they have stopped posting, then it’s quite clear that you are blocked. But sometimes, they may even choose to share their stories to close friends only, so it may not be something personal. Also, as a parent, you should respect the space of your children. But to answer your question, we will be listing down some methods that you can implement to know if you are blocked.

Steps To Know If You are Story Blocked

learn if story blocked on Instagram

Here’s how to tell if someone blocked you from seeing their story on Instagram:

Ask a Friend– If you are following a person on Instagram, then there are high chances that your other friends are following them too. Instagram has made it easier for people to stay connected. If you want to know is someone blocked you from their story, then ask your friend to check out their profile for you. If your friend can see the story but you can’t, then you are blocked.

But there is a possibility that your friend might not be following the person. Also, the account of the person might be private. So, you should ask your friend to send them a follow request. Once the person accepts the request, your friend will be able to tell if the person has uploaded a story or not. But there are chances that the person may have changed the story settings to just “Close Friends.”

Create a Fake Account– Another alternative would be to come up with a fake account. Here, you can use the new account like you are a different user and follow them. But ensure that your account does look like an actual user and not spam or Service. Visit their profile and see if a colored ring appears on their profile. It indicates that the person has uploaded a story.

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But if the person’s account is private, then you need to make your fake profile look real. Why? Well, it is to increase your chances of being accepted by that person. Here’s how you can come up with one:

  • Insert about five pictures into your fake account. We would advise you to add the pictures with time gaps to make sure that it doesn’t look fake.
  • Begin following people to get back followers. If you want an easy way out, then you can even purchase followers to make it look more real.
  • Proceed in turning your account into a private one.
  • Come up with an attractive profile picture to tempt them.

Posting Frequency– Now, one of the obvious ways to know if a person has blocked you is by keeping track of their posting frequency. Have they been posting consistently in the past but suddenly stopped? For instance, that person may upload stories every single day, but they have stopped doing so, and it’s been some days, now weeks, and even months.

Then, there’s a high probability that you have been blocked from seeing their daily updates. Because no avid poster would suddenly stop posting unless they are going through something or they have deleted their profile so, make sure to keep track of that.