Mental health concerns are rising these days as the awareness of the same keeps growing. Many people attribute their stress to social media. Well, you have the freedom to follow only those people who add value to your life and keep your feed limited. But if you still feel like taking a break from Instagram sometimes, you can learn how to temporarily disable Instagram so that when you feel like using it again, you can come back and activate it.

From influencer marketing to sharing content, you may have gained a lot of followers. You may think about deleting your Instagram account, remember that you won’t be able to access the account again. If you want to use the platform again, you will have to start anew with a fresh account. Hence, if you’ve grown a bit tired of using Instagram and don’t feel like using it anymore; the best solution is to disable your account temporarily rather than deleting it permanently.

Instagram is a highly creative platform that is dominantly visual and hence, you get to show who you are with your images. However, it has also led many people to feel insecure about themselves due to the rise of unrealistic beauty standards promoted by social media influencers. Even though sometimes you may feel that the platform is only making you lose your self-esteem, you can always curate the accounts you choose to follow. Keep your following list limited and follow users who add value to your life, who make you feel better about yourself, and motivate you to become better every day.

how to temporarily disable instagram

Remember that you have all the power. You can choose who you want to follow, what you want to post, who you want to keep in your followers list, which posts you want to archive, and more. Nonetheless, if you still want to stop using Instagram for a while because there’s an important exam coming up or you are planning to go through a social media detox, you can easily disable your account.

Steps To Disable An Instagram Account

Deleting your Instagram account permanently may not be the best idea because you never know when you might need your account to scroll over some pictures you may have deleted from your gallery once again. Instagram is kind of your digital gallery where you upload all your best pictures and when your phone’s storage is full, you may delete those photos from your gallery. Hence, Instagram can also be a storehouse of your best pictures and an engaging place. Therefore, do not delete your account permanently. Instead, here are the steps that will help you learn how to temporarily disable Instagram effectively.

Step 1

Go to your browser and search for Instagram. Log in to your Instagram account from the browser itself instead of the app.

Step 2

Once you have logged in to your account, go to your profile page. Click on the edit profile option.

Step 3

When you click on “Edit Profile”, you will see many options where you will also find the option to temporarily disable your account.

Step 4

Instagram will ask you to give a reason why you are disabling your account. Tick one from the options that are listed or you can also give a personal reason in the blank box.

Step 5

Once you have confirmed the reason, you will have to enter your password again. Once your password is accepted, your account will be deactivated.

Once you complete these steps, your account will immediately disappear from the platform and your followers may not be able to view your profile anymore. It is akin to deleting your account and your existence from Instagram but only temporarily.

how to temporarily disable instagram

There is no limit or deadline for the deactivation. You can deactivate it for any number of days you want but there is one restriction, if you activate your account in a week and reactivate it again, you cannot deactivate your account again the same week. Hence, you can only disable your account once a week and not more than that.

Learning how to temporarily disable Instagram is easy but while doing so, you may have some doubts. Many people feel that they start losing followers once they deactivate their account but this is not true. When you deactivate your account, others won’t be able to view your profile so it is not possible for them to unfollow you. Once you activate your account again, it will be in the same condition you left it when it was last active. Your account won’t be visible on the followers or following list of other users when you deactivate it.

Taking a break from Instagram is nice because, at times, you need to leave the virtual world to experience the real world. Moreover, some people root to get more followers but when they don’t, they feel disheartened. Even though Instagram stories and images are filled with beautiful photos and pictures of different places, you should experience those places in reality. You cannot do that if you’re still using Instagram.

Final Thoughts

It is better to disable your Instagram account than to delete it permanently. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to learn how to temporarily disable Instagram and stay away from its influence for a few days.

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