Instagram is a popular social media app with millions of users worldwide. You can post both photos and videos on Instagram. The app regularly upgrades to a better version by introducing new features. In this article, we will learn How to Upload a 2 Minute Video on Instagram.

If you are an active Instagram user, you would have come across numerous videos on your Instagram feed. These include both short and long videos. Shorter videos are easier to upload on Instagram. 

For shorter videos, we refer to videos less than a minute. These videos will automatically appear on your profile. You can also buy Instagram followers, who will view your stories and profile and will help you in the engagement. 

When it comes to uploading videos longer than a minute, including a 2-minute video, you cannot upload it at once. However, you can use certain features offered on Instagram to upload a 2-minute video or a much longer video

How to Upload a 2 Minute Video on Instagram

We’re sure you are familiar with the carousel feature on Instagram. Instagram carousel is the best answer to How to Upload a 2 Minute Video on Instagram. Carousel allows users to post multiple photos and videos all at once. You can swipe to see all the uploaded photos and videos. Using the carousel, you can post a 2-minute video. 

But, a carousel will not allow videos more than 60 seconds in length to be uploaded. Therefore, you need to trim the video into two parts and upload them as a carousel. Your followers will be able to see the whole video by swiping. This way you can succeed in uploading a 2-minute video on Instagram.

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Here is a step-by-step process to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram through the carousel.

  • STEP 1 – From your device, go to your Instagram account.
  • STEP 2 – Press the + icon in the top right corner. Click the post option. (NOTE: Keep the copies of the video ready)
  • STEP 3 – Your Gallery will appear. Select the multiple options by clicking on the two square boxes that you see on the right. 
  • STEP 4 – Now, choose the video you want to upload – the full version of the 2-minute video. 
  • STEP 5 – In the first video, select the first 60 seconds of the video by trimming it. In the second video, choose the next 60 seconds of the video.
  • STEP 6 – As you are done selecting the videos, press the arrow button in the top right. 
  • STEP 7 – Now, you can type the caption you want. After filling in the caption, press the tick mark in the top right corner to upload the video.

Your 2-minute video is now uploaded to your profile. Your followers can see the full video by swiping. 

Instagram Live Stream for uploading a 2-minute video

Another way to upload long videos on Instagram is through the Instagram Live stream. From your Instagram account, go Live first. After your live video ends, you can save the full session video on your device. Later, you can edit and upload the full video on Instagram through IGTV. Live videos on Instagram have perks. You can even post live videos that are about 1-hor duration in your Instagram account. 

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How to Upload a 2 Minute Video on Instagram

Follow the below instructions to upload Instagram live video:

  • STEP 1 – Open your Instagram app from your device. 
  • STEP 2 – Click the + icon in the top right corner of your feed.
  • STEP 3 – Now, you should click the Live option.
  • STEP 4 – Your camera will open. Start live by clicking the live icon. 
  • STEP 5 – Live stream is ON now. 
  • STEP 6 – After the live session ends, click the save the video option to save the live session on your device. 
  • STEP 7 – Now, you can upload the full video through IGTV. From the ‘Share as’ option, press the ‘Long Videos’ option. 
  • STEP 8 – You can choose the video cover photo. 
  • STEP 9 – Press the Next button. Enter the video title and description.
  • STEP 10 – Now, share the video by clicking the Post button on the top right corner. You can edit the profile cover, see a preview of your IGTV video and add the video to an IGTV series before sharing the video.

Your video has been uploaded to Instagram successfully. You can upload videos of 2 minutes, and even more through IGTV. 

Instagram Reels – Follow the trend

Instagram Reels are currently on top trend. Compared to a normal video post and IGTV video, reels get better reach among the users. If you want your video to get a wider reach, you could consider opting for the Reels feature to post your video on Instagram. But, ensure the video is appropriate for Reels. Also, Reels allow video of a maximum of 1-minute duration. 

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You cannot upload a 2-minute video on Instagram Reels. If you have a really interesting short video, you could upload it as a reel for good reach. 

While learning how to upload a 2-minute video on Instagram, you should understand that video postings cannot be done via PC or laptop. You can only upload photos and videos on Instagram through a smartphone or tablet. 

If you want to upload photos or videos on Instagram through a PC or laptop, you need to use a third-party application. Also, practically smartphones are easier to upload media on Instagram. You can make use of all the interesting features on Instagram while uploading videos and photos from your phone.