Instagram is a glamorous virtual world. People find their fame, their favorite celebrity, exciting pictures, sell their products or buy amazing stuff. This online site is full of exciting things and we love to explore them all day. Instagram has become a part of our life. Recently, Live Videos have also joined the trend of surfing on Instagram along with pictures.

Through the app, we can easily broadcast any video to our followers in real-time. These live broadcasts are represented as a part of the Instagram stories. Around 100 million people use Live-Video every day. This is even easier with the application of Instagram on our phones but how to Use Instagram Live on a Computer?

How to Use Instagram Live on a Computer

Know more about Live Video

Before we explore the new trend of Instagram-live, let us focus the light on different insights about the feature. The main motto of the Live-Video is to connect with your friends – clip with the followers at the very moment without any delay. This amazing broadcasting method can be used for a launch or announcement, a Q&A session, taking any kind of interview, collaboration, experiment content, and so on.

It involves very easy steps; just follow a few measures concerned with the Instagram Stories camera, before going live, and then you are on the live broadcast. The videos disappear automatically and disable any others from reviewing or commenting on them. This feature encourages Instagrammers to open up with others and share their content live. How to Use Instagram Live on a Computer to create urgency among other users and followers?

How to Use Instagram Live On a Computer?

Going live on Instagram from a computer is not a tough task. Users can easily follow this route but as usual, there will be a few steps to be followed. You can trick your computer into an android device and start the live video. Follow these below-mentioned acts:

  1. At first, you have to connect to the internet and log in to Instagram.
  2. After logging in, you will be able to identify three vertical lines at the top-right of the computer screen. Click on that and many other options will appear at the bottom.
  3. Select the “more tools” option to search for the required tool for live streaming. Multiple tools are there to aid the users.
  4. After that, you should click on the option below – “developer tools”. This will lead you to a page that notifies you as “elements, console, sources, network, and many more”.
  5. You should choose the option “elements” – this tool appears as a small and a large icon of blue color. Click on the triangle and then wait for the page to reload.
  6. If any problem arises with the page, then you can click on the refresh button. And you can use Instagram as a phone application.
  7. Turn on the camera and check the audio – see if they are functioning well, or else it will not be valuable if the viewers will not be able to see or hear anything.
  8. Users can also use filters to make them look gorgeous if required, or to avoid any negative comments – there is an option to turn off the comment option for other viewers.

The following steps might be helpful to do Instagram Live from a computer. Let it be any device, a good and supportive camera will be mandatory. Check the connection of the webcam with your computer.

The process is much easier on mobile phones because of the in-app features. Now, many third-party applications are available to promote Live Streaming on Instagram. With the help of these tools, users can do any kind of activity online without any kind of hindrance.

How to Use Instagram Live on a Computer

Few tips for Instagram Live from a PC

Now that you know How to Use Instagram Live On a Computer; the main concern lies with the content you are about to share. Most of the time live videos are given priority in the newsfeed. The content you share will bump up as the first option for others. Live streaming also offers the option to notify the viewers. So, now you can speak and interact directly. But before you go live, learn about the following tips:

  • You can go live to announce any launch of your product or launch the item collectively with other Instagrammers.
  • You can host a Q&A session for the followers. Know about their point of view regarding any hot topic.
  • This platform can be used to spread awareness. If you can influence people then use that quality to spread awareness to the mass of people around the world.
  • You can use the “add a friend” feature to interview someone and guess what? Others can be a part of it too.
  • You can also give reviews about any particular product or service. Choose the product that is more relevant to the followers.

After you are done with the live streaming, what to do next? Well, Instagram offers many other features for its users. You will be allowed to add the video to your story so that the video can be viewed by others for the next 24 hours. You can allow the sharing option and post that automatically to your Facebook stories.

Increase your reach with the help of Instagram Live. Maybe, after this fruitful discussion, you are no more wondering about how to Use Instagram Live On a Computer. Let’s give it a chance and try Live-video today itself.

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