Browsing Instagram stories is pretty simple; merely open the app and click on the profile icon. You may use the popular social networking app to share tales, images, videos, and reels, among other things.

When reading Instagram Stories, keep in mind that the individual who uploaded the story could see who watched it. This isn’t an issue in practice, but there may be times when you wish to read somebody’s Instagram Stories anonymously. You may use some approaches to see tales without revealing who you are to the user. But every technique, nevertheless, will have varying degrees of success.

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 How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Viewing Instagram stories without even an account is straightforward; launch the app and hit the profile icon. However, if you want to access Instagram stories without creating an account or informing the individual, you’ll need the correct tool. Instagram is a famous social networking tool that allows you to publish stories, pictures, clips, reels, and many other things. So, if you want to see those things, there is a hook, and that grab is that the individual would never discover.

how to view instagram stories anonymously

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Remember that if you want to discreetly access a private account’s post, you must be following it; alternatively, the techniques listed will only focus on public profiles.

  1. Make use of an unidentified Instagram profile: Using a profile that is not instantly identified as yours is probably the easiest way to read another’s Instagram Stories surreptitiously.

Unless you already have another account set up, it’s as simple as linking it to another profile and swapping between the two whenever you want to sneak a peek at someone’s Instagram Stories. After integrating it into your app, you’ll need to register a new Instagram account if you haven’t already.

  1. Airplane Mode: By guaranteeing that your device is in airplane mode so may see someone else’s stories anonymously before touching on them. Because Insta preloads many posts to promote speedier surfing even when you don’t have a reliable connection or data connectivity, you may see one without realizing it. To use it, open the viewer and go to the user’s page. Next, before coming to the app and tapping on the user’s account, turn on airplane mode on your smartphone. Unfortunately, if the person in question has submitted several stories in a row, the app is unlikely to have downloaded all of them; thus, they will not be available in airplane mode. How to view Instagram stories anonymously.
  2. Make use of a third-party application: There are a variety of third-party applications that claim to let you access someone’s Instagram Stories without having to log in. But most of these pages aren’t very safe, and some of them don’t even operate, so use them at your own risk. If you’re interested in using one, the portal Insta Stories effectively reviews public account tales without revealing information. To access an account’s posts, please enter the account username on the site’s homepage. It’s worth noting that the site is just for public accounts; you won’t be able to see stories from a private account.
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How to use:

  • In the search bar, paste the profile URL you want to view.
  • Select the Search option from the drop-down menu.
  • You now have access to all of the material.

how to view instagram stories anonymously

Where to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on a Desktop?

You do not have to acquire a third-party app or even have an Instagram account to read their stories. You’ll be able to access and get their Instagram story even if the account you’re getting to stalk has stopped you.

Digital marketers, celebrities, organizations, and companies wishing to save Instagram Stories directly to their PCs for post-campaign analysis and covering may find this strategy very useful.

  1. Just go over to and enter the username in the search field.
  2. If successfully spelled the account’s handle correctly, it should display below the search field (along with the account’s profile photo), Stories presently visible on their page of Instagram, and the last time they upload a video or picture.
  3. Read down by clicking on the profile picture. You’ll be enabled to see all of their Instagram Stories privately, and you’ll have the option to access them by hitting the “Download” option beneath each one.

Why anonymously monitor someone else’s Instagram Stories?

There is indeed a myriad of reasons why someone might want to view another user’s Instagram Stories anonymously, but it has nothing to do with spying on an ex or stalking a crush.

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Before engaging, an ambassador for a promotion, brands, and marketers may want to perform an anonymous investigation, which involves privately reviewing story material. If an influencer suspects someone is stealing or replicating their material, they may want to sneak a peek at another user’s stories.

If someone believes they are being publicly defamed or harassed on another Instagram account’s Stories, they may wish to retain a discreet record of the offensive information without informing the account holder.

Understanding how to oversee someone’s Instagram Stories comes in handy for various reasons.