Unless you peruse Instagram for actual money and to gain popularity, we are assuming that you use random accounts that you come across and like on your feed. It could be food-related, aesthetic videos, and random funny skits that caught your attention. However, during your random follow spree, you might get stuck with I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram.

I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram

This is a very common concern that most users have experienced at some point in their lives. However, it doesn’t entail that your account is hacked or there are any other complications. Most of the time, the problem is reversible and can be easily fixed once you know why.

You can find a detailed understanding of the reasons in this comprehensive guide.

Why aren’t you able to follow people on Instagram?

Instagram takes its community guidelines very seriously, which means that they keep abusive content and spammy content to a bare minimum. So, if you are one of those Instagram accounts that follows people at random without any stop, then you need to analyze your actions on the platform.

Following are some of the reasons Instagram restricts the following accounts:

  • Technical glitch

Sometimes, the easiest reasoning for why I can’t follow users on Instagram is due to a potent technical glitch. It could be some development issue or bug fixes from Instagram’s end or it could be a faulty Wi-Fi connection on your part. Whatever the technical glitch is, be assured that you can fix it without any hassle at all. Always check your Internet connection if you experience such issues.

  • Following too many accounts

As we said, Instagram doesn’t encourage spamming and will restrict certain actions on your profile if it finds that your account is indulging in spamming behavior. If you are following too many accounts in a short span, Instagram thinks that you are an automation tool and will restrict your activity on your account. This includes holding the number of accounts that you can follow.

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Since bots and random follower accounts were crowding Instagram a lot, the algorithm now prioritizes detecting such activities. So, if you follow a lot of people in a short span, your following activities might be restricted for up to 48 hours, which can be a pain sometimes.

If you are starting a new Instagram account, you want to follow people sparingly, especially with a limit per day. You don’t want to overcrowd your following list by following 500-600 people in a day. That’s where the complications start.

  • Maximum follow limit

While there is no limit to how many followers an account can have, there are restrictions to how many accounts a particular account can follow. Ideally, a single account has a maximum follow limit of 7500, which doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s how Instagram’s interface is designed.

This is primarily because Instagram is heavily used on mobile devices and following a lot of people at once can hamper the user experience on the app.

If you have reached your maximum follow limit, it is time to assess your account, find if you have inactive followers or the people who have unfollowed you, and then clear them off of your account. Doing so will open more slots for you to follow more people.

  • Using third-party apps

Another reason behind I can’t follow users on Instagram is the usage of third-party applications. If you are following using some random app or software, it is taken as a spamming account and subjects your Instagram account to restrictions like this one.

There is one thing about using tools to enhance your Instagram usage and experience and it is another thing about misusing these tools. If you don’t use these additional apps or software wisely, be assured that you are going to get your account restricted or banned at some point.

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If you have a lot of tasks related to your Instagram account that you aren’t able to handle on your own, hire someone else. Sometimes, it is better if you simply focus on doing right by the app and have a genuine user experience on the platform.

  • Used by multiple people

If you are a celebrity or an influencer with a brand marketing team, chances are that there will be more than one person handling the account. However, if the numbers are more than two, that’s where the complications arise, especially when the account is getting accessed by people from different types of IP addresses.

Instagram might detect this as suspicious activity and restrict a few different actions on the platform, including the following.

  • Muted following people

Accidentally or not, there are times when you might have muted people from the following. This means that you have set your account settings to not follow any more people. If the same is the case, we’d recommend checking your settings to undo the issue and use the profile normally again.

The reason why this is common is that Instagram doesn’t notify you when you make these changes to the settings.

I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram

If you are tired of suddenly not being able to follow people on Instagram, these are some of the reasons why. Once you bypass these complications, you should be able to resume your normal activity on the platform without any issues or downsides. Just ensure that you don’t come off as spammy or suspicious with your activities on your Instagram account.

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