Instagram is a leading social media platform that gave birth to the concept of Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers on a global scale. YouTube was the OG source but it was Instagram that took things and the recognition to the next level. However, unlike many things, becoming a fashion or beauty influencer on Instagram is no joke.

The market is extremely competitive and with so many people coming up with their twists on the trends, it is becoming even more cut-throat. That said, there are several ways you can grow your following without needing to worry about going overboard.

After a lot of research and deliberation, we have sorted out some of the top tricks that can help you grow your following on Instagram.

Create attractive content

Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers

When you are trying to make your mark in the fashion and beauty niche, you need to focus on the quality of the content you are sharing. And, by that, we don’t mean just the subject of the content. We are emphasizing the importance of the quality of the images and videos you are posting.

If the images, videos, and posts aren’t bright, vivid, and of the best quality, it goes without saying that you will have a hard time leaving your imprint on your audience. What even is the point of having an influencer account if you can’t retain the attention of your audience?

Spend your time creating stunning and striking quality content if you want to stand out from the crowd of other Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers.

Create your style

It is very easy to emulate someone else’s fashion sense and style. And, while it might bring you temporary recognition, it isn’t a sustainable choice of growth. If you fail to create your sense of style and content on the platform, you’d have a hard time distinguishing yourself from the hundreds of other influencers who are in the same boat as you are.

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Stay true to yourself and the audience will fall in love with your authenticity. Sometimes, you don’t need to do much, other than be true to yourself and the audience you are serving to.

If you are trying to be inauthentic, people will eventually catch on to the tricks and not stick around for further of your journey.

Look into your behind the scenes

Instagram is all about high-resolution images and videos with the perfect backdrop. While that is true, it is also true that Instagram is also about the low-quality images and the behind-the-scenes. The audience on Instagram is constantly looking for an authentic and relatable side to the influencers, something that most influencers are now providing their audience with.

Sometimes, you want to build a personal brand that resonates with your audience. You want to stay true and relatable to your audience so they can connect with your journey. You don’t want to showcase a life to your unattainable audience.

Have a theme going

Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers

When it comes to becoming a successful Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencer, you have to have a theme. It could be an aesthetic color theme, the way you decorate and present your grid photos, or just about any creative theme that comes to your mind.

Having a theme also makes it easier for you to decide if you want to post a certain image on your profile or if you think it will fit into the look of your Instagram profile.

Besides the efficiency, having a theme also makes it a lot easier for you to develop your branding and improve your relatability with your audience on the platform. Also, when creating a theme for your account, you need to ensure that the theme is cohesive and stands out compared to your competitors.

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Recycle old posts

There’s nothing wrong with recycling and reusing old images, videos, and posts that did well before. This is a very common issue that most users tend to struggle to grasp. Being an influencer means working smart and working hard.

If you have a specific post from the past that has worked well for your brand, take inspiration from the same and integrate that into your recent post. If your audience responded well to the previous post, chances are that they will respond well to the new one as well.

Just keep a check on the quality of the image or video and try to spruce up the caption with more information and relatable content.

Leverage the most important hashtags

Instagram runs on hashtags but the trick is using relatable hashtags. Simply filling your post with trending and popular hashtags won’t automatically enhance your outreach, especially if you want to create sustainable branding for yourself.

In that case, we’d recommend spending some extra time out of the day to do the relevant research and then curating a post or caption with relevant hashtags that stand out.

If you are considering becoming one of the Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers, we’d recommend following these handy tips. They are effective, tried and tested, and worth every single minute of your day that you spend on them. Becoming an influencer on Instagram isn’t rocket science if you are creating relevant content that aligns with the interest of your target audience. Sometimes, all it takes to stand out is relatability.

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