Are you on Instagram? If yes then, you might be well aware of the common slang used on the platform. In case you are not aware of the  Instagram slang, do not worry! Here in this post, we will be covering up all the commonly used slang. However, the question arises why it is important to know this slang. Why it is critical to learn Instagram slang if you have recently joined the platform.

Knowing about Instagram slang is extremely important for those who are on this platform. If you are in a new country then, without knowing the language of that state you will feel completely left put. 

Interestingly, the same applies to the Instagram platform. If you are not well versed with the common terms used on this platform then, you might feel left out. Therefore, to do away with this feeling let us go through the post below and learn all the common Instagram slang. Keep reading further for your reference.

  • AMA

Here we begin our list with the first most common  Instagram slang that is AMA. Many of the Instagram account holders in their statuses generally use the AMA. The full form of AMA is ‘ask me anything”. The rest of the users are free to put up any question that they have for the person. The concerned person is ready for answering every question.


Instagram slang

If you have been on Instagram following the Instagram influencers then you might very well know about what OOTD refers to. However, if you are not aware then OTD means outfit of the day. All the Instagram influencers generally use this Instagram slang when they share their pictures with new outfits. You can use this slang in your status, caption, as well as on posts.


GOAT is another  Instagram slang that most of the users on the platform do use. It is particularly utilized when an individual praises the other individual or the post of others. This slang of the Instagram platform can be used mostly in the comment section. When you find a post extraordinarily amazing, you can use the term GOAT.

3. TIL

Are you aware of what the term TIL is used for in the Instagram language? TIL which is also known as ‘today I learned” is used mostly to share information with the rest of the users. When you discover something new and are quite proud of the discovery then you can share this information with the rest of the individual. Hence, when you want to be sharing this information you can start the post with the term TIL.


The term HIFW is used mostly when the individual is interested to share their experience with the rest of the people. If you have recently gone somewhere and want to share how you felt when you went to the particular place then, you can start your post with “How I felt when”. This term can be used while uploading a video, gif as well as picture.

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5. DM

Instagram slang

All the Instagram users in the statuses for inquiries use DM most commonly. DM refers to direct messages. When you want people to direct message, their queries you can use the term DM. When you post information in regards to a company then, people might have more than a few questions. You can use the term DM and that would mean that they could directly state the queries in your inbox regarding the company.

6. ROI

The marketers on Instagram mostly use ROI in the business language. The full form of ROI is the return of investment and as you can understand it refers to the measure of profit. It refers to the difference between the amount you have invested and the amount you have received as a result in the form of profit.


Well, this is another most commonly used conversational Instagram slang. You must have come across the term FOMO which means “fear of missing out” while scrolling through Instagram. The term fear of missing out is mostly used when there are some exclusive products and unlimited deals the people fear that they might miss out.

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8. HBD

Moreover, HBD is used not just on Instagram but almost on all platforms. It’s your friend’s birthday and you want to wish the person then, you use the term HBD than writing happy birthday. Hence, you can use the term HBD to not just directly message the person but also in comments and captions.

9. IDK

In the final words, when you don’t know about a particular thing then, you can use the  Instagram  slang  IDK. IDK AND IDC are the most commonly used terms in a conversation between two individuals. Where IDK refers to you as “I don’t know”, IDC would mean “I don’t care”.

These were a few of the Instagram slang used by the Instagrammers on the platform while posting pictures, videos, and also while communicating. Instagram is an excellent platform where you can shoot to fame and for initial times, you can buy Instagram followers. Also, it is a place where the users use the language of Instagram to communicate with one another. This means that there are several Instagram terms that you should know to feel connected to while using the platform otherwise you will feel nothing but left out. Always remember to do proper research before joining any platform so that you feel connected with the users of that platform.