Instagram has witnessed unprecedented growth since its evolution. Today, social media application is used by millions across the world. From kids, and teenagers, to adults, Instagram has captured the attention of everyone. While signing up for Instagram, what confuses people the most is the ‘username’. 

Choosing funny and quirky  Instagram Usernames for Girls & Boys can be tricky, as sometimes the username you choose may already have been used by someone else. So, you have to be creative and come up with a unique username that stands out from the rest of the names. 

While some keep their original names, some desire to keep an unconventional name that describes their traits. Example: thatbrowngirl, charmingqueen, mumbaifastrider, etc. 

Instagram Usernames for Girls & Boys

There is no rule when it comes to selecting your Instagram username. You can explore all around with your creativity. The best part about Instagram’s username is, that you can change your username whenever you wish. Instagram allows you to modify the username when you think the username needs to be changed. 

In this article, we will give you some practical and interesting tips on picking the most amazing  Instagram Usernames for Girls & BoysBut, before going to the actual tips, here’s a quick brief on how to edit an Instagram username, and how to differentiate between username and display name. 

Difference between Instagram username and display name 

It is important to understand the difference between an Instagram username and a display name before learning how to edit the Instagram username.

Instagram username is something that appears to your followers on their Instagram feed. When you post a new picture or video, the username will appear on the top of your post, next to your profile picture. 

The Instagram display name is the name that appears when you go to your profile. The display name will appear beneath the profile picture. 

When you search for a profile in the search box, the username will appear in bold black, while the display name will appear beneath the username. You can use either the username or display name to search for an Instagram profile. 

Now, let us see how to edit or modify your Instagram username. You can do this through the Instagram mobile app or web browser.

How to edit your Instagram username?       

 To edit your Instagram username from the mobile app or web browser, follow the below steps:

  • STEP 1 – Install the Instagram app if you are using a smartphone to edit your username. If you are using a web browser, log in to your Instagram account from the browser. Once you have logged in to your Instagram profile either through the app or browser, go to your profile.
  • STEP 2 – You will see the ‘EDIT PROFILE’ button on your profile. Click that.
  • STEP 3 – You will see the username field. Go to the username field, and edit the username as you want. 
  • STEP 4 – If you are using the app, press the tick mark once you have edited the username. If you are using an Apple device, click the Done button. If you are using a web browser, click submit. 
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You have successfully edited your Instagram username. In case, if you have a large chunk of followers on Instagram, Instagram will take some time to approve your new username. Once you are done with changing your username, you can opt to buy Instagram followers to make your profile have more reach. 

Now, without any further delay, let’s jump to the main part of our article. Below are the tips to pick the coolest ever  Instagram Usernames for Girls & Boys.

Tips to pick the coolest ever Instagram Usernames for Girls & Boys

Instagram Usernames for Girls & Boys


  • EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY:  Instagram is all about creativity and exploration. Explore as much as you want with your creativity to come up with an interesting username. 
  • GIVE PERSONAL TOUCH:  Your Instagram username will be much more interesting if you give a personal touch to it. Write the username based on your traits, look, or character. Example: dreamcatcher, joyful soul, mom’s lover, etc. These are just samples. 
  • KEEP IT ATTRACTIVE:  While getting creative with the username, make sure the name is attractive and memorable. Your followers should be able to identify your posts with your username. They should be able to remember the name. 
  • UNIVERSAL USERNAME:  You could also try using the same username for all your social media profiles or accounts. This is especially applicable for content creators, artists, designers, etc. To create your niche, sell your works and get familiar with your set of audiences, use the same username for all your social media accounts. This will help your audience easily identify you and remember you. It is one of the good self-marketing strategies.
  • MAKE USE OF USERNAME GENERATORS:  This can be taken as the last resort if you cannot come up with a good username on your own. You can use Instagram username generators online to create your username. At times, these generators can come up with a really good username.
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If you didn’t know, the Instagram username is not case-sensitive. Therefore, even if you type the wrong cases on the search box to find a particular person, you will end up finding them. We guess you are now familiar with some of the basic tips to create engaging and funny Instagram usernames. You can only use up to 30 characters to create an Instagram username. Explore, explore, explore, until you come up with a username that matches your vibe!