Do you know about the Instagram video formats? Learn about the video formats and among them all the ideal ones in the post.

Instagram now transformed from a photo-sharing application to including video as well. All those who are new to the Instagram platform may not be well aware of the different features that the Instagram platform provides. Here in this post, we will be shedding some light on the Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal.

Are you aware that there is a particular video format that you need to follow while posting videos on Instagram? If you are confused about which video format is the Instagram platform then you are at the very right place.

Know about the criteria for the best video formats

Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal

Well, if you are on Instagram you might know about the Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are IdealHowever, if you are not aware of the video formats then, stop worrying about the same. The best video formats are the ones that follow a few of the classifications. We will be here in this post enlisting all the major factors that make a video appropriate. So, go through all the below-mentioned factors to gain better insight into the same.

  • Before everything else, you should know that when you post a video on Instagram, it should be unique and good in terms of quality to attract Instagram users.
  • What also matters is the file type of the video you share. It is generally recommended to have the file type of either MOV or MP4.
  • In regards to the size of the file, what is said to be the ideal size is around 4 GB. Make sure that you do not end up sharing a video that is beyond 4 GB. A size beyond the mentioned size will be least recommended if you are looking for more likes.
  • When it comes to deciding the time duration of the video you will be posting on the platform then, it is suggested to keep it up to a time of around 60 seconds. This is primarily because such videos will hardly hold on the attention of the users for a long time.
  • Another important criterion that has a key role is the quality of the video content you will be posting on the platform. So, the video quality should be somewhere around 1080 resolution. Know that without the high resolution, you will not be able to retain your attention.
  • To finally conclude, H.264 codec, bitrate of 3500 kbps, AAC audio, and the frame rate can have around 30 fos should be kept in mind while sharing the videos on Instagram.
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This was all that you need to know in regards to the video formats. Based on the above factors if you try to make your video then the chances are high that you are video gets the highest number of likes. Now that you are aware of what makes a video best in terms of video format, we suggest you move forward towards the next section of the post. The following section will shed some light on Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal.

Why is it important to follow a particular video format? 

In general, it is already essential for individuals to follow a particular video format while posting any video on Instagram. Even if you spend on making the best video, it will be worthless if the viewers are not able to view it. For this purpose, the users must ensure that the video is in the right format before posting it. As already mentioned, it needs to be followed while posting videos on Instagram.

What are the best video formats for Instagram?

Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal

If you are still confused about the Instagram Video Formats & Which Ones Are Ideal then, do not worry as we will be enlisting a few of them here. Some of the video formats have been highlighted below for your reference.

  • AVI: Well, first on our list is the AVI video format. Although AVI is not in use for a long time now as it is among the oldest video format, it is still used by many people. This video format supports a web browser, Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • MP4: In addition, the MP4 video format is the most commonly used. It is followed universally as most of the files do support the MP4 video format. Interestingly, in the MP4 video format, one enjoys less quality loss, multiple file storage, and support.
  • MOV: Moreover, the MOV is another widely followed video format. This video format as well supports multiple platforms. The only drawback of this format might be that it offers the best quality of videos and hence it does take up a great amount of space on your device.
  • MKV: The MKV files are generally difficult while streaming and hence in most cases people try to convert these MKV files to other video formats. The best part about the MKV video format is that one can even get the small file with the best quality.
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These were a few of the video formats that can be used while posting on Instagram. Always make sure that you follow the pointers mentioned.

Instagram is a social media platform where you can post photos and videos. But, you cannot post videos of every format. You need to follow a video format that provides better quality of videos as well as does not take up much of your storage space.