Instagram in general provides a noteworthy experience to the players but intermittently it can create some issues. These issues need to be fixed for the proper functioning of the application. If your Instagram videos are not playing on Android then, we might have some information that can help you. The post will be highlighting a few ways that will help you fix the problem. So, keep on reading the post further.

Instagram videos are not playing on Android

Reasons why the videos on Instagram do not play

Before understanding the ways of fixing the Instagram issues, you should know the reasons for the same. If your Instagram videos are not playing on Android then, there might be plenty of reasons behind this. You probably are not alone facing this issue while using Instagram.

Not beating around the bush, some of the reasons behind you facing the error while watching the Instagram videos have been laid down below for your reference and clarity. Go through the same to gain a complete understanding of the process.

  • Internet connection

Before everything else, you need to check your internet connection while facing any kind of issue on Instagram. This is because mostly it is due to the internet that people face issues downloading the video content on the platform. If your internet connection is good and working at a very high speed then, there might be other probable reasons for the same.

  • Server issues

In addition to this, if the internet connection is not poor then, it might be due to the Instagram server. There might be an Instagram server error while using the application and hence users might face at the same time trouble loading or downloading the different videos as well as photos on the platform. For this, all you need to do is wait for some time while the engineers try fixing the problem on this platform.

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  • Storage issues

What also is another important reason behind the Instagram loading problem is the storage issue. If your storage on your device is full then, you might have trouble downloading videos on Instagram. To fix this you need to clear out your excess storage. More details regarding the same will be discussed in the next section.

A few of the reasons why the Instagram videos are not playing on Android were. As you are aware of the reasons let’s quickly proceed further without wasting any of our time. Let’s proceed further what’s the next section to learn the ways through which you can solve this error even if you are not very good at technology.

How do you fix it when the Instagram videos do not play?

As you are already aware of the reasons why your videos on Instagram are not loading, let us quickly move on to the ways through which you can fix the error. If the Instagram videos are not playing on your Android mobile then, we have a list of a few methods that you can apply to solve the error. Just for your information, since different locks will have different keys it is the situation in this case. There is no ultimate way that can solve all your problems.

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Check out in the above section the reason why you are facing the error. Only based on this reason will you seek out the methods to solve the problem. Some of the ways through which you can fix the error have been enlisted below.

  • Change the mode 

In case your phone is on the power saving mode then you need to disable it to avoid facing the error while downloading videos on Instagram. Since your phone is on the power-saving mode it automatically limits your access to different applications. You will then be restricted to using the applications that consume most of your battery and hence you won’t be able to download the videos from the application.

  • Update the application

The next obvious way of avoiding or fixing this problem is by updating your application. In case you have been using an outdated version of the application then after some time, you might face this error. To get back to using the application, you need to update it to the latest version. Only when you updated to the latest version will you be able to play these videos on your device. Instagram videos are not playing on Android.

  • Internet connection
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Furthermore, you can fix the problem when Instagram videos are not playing on Android by checking your connection. The Instagram application runs on your Internet connection and hence when the internet is not at its highest speed then, you might face some glitches. Due to these glitches, you won’t be able to play your videos. Hence, the solution would be to get a good internet connection.

  • Storage issues

To finally conclude, there might be some issues on your mobile device and not particularly in the software. This means that if your device storage is full then, you might have trouble using the application. Delete all the cache and other useless data to fix the issue on Instagram.

Instagram videos are not playing on Android

These were some of the ways of solving the Instagram loading issues. You should know all about it before you start using this application.

You can consider buying Instagram likes to get a better audience for your account. Instagram overall provides an enriching experience to the players. However, there is some error that you might face occasionally. The best part is that you can solve them all as they are temporary. The post above provides the ways through which you can fix most of the issues you face on Instagram. Instagram videos are not playing on Android.