Removing Action Block On Instagram

Instagram can be your best friend with its content-sharing freedom and marketing campaigns and opportunities. It gives you full power to be the master of your content universe. You get to express yourself freely on this platform and also meet like-minded people to carry out projects. But at the same time, Instagram is very serious with its policies and expects you to respect them.

Yes, while it does allow you to build your social empire with all the free tools at your hand, you do need to draw a line with certain actions. Because you possibly can’t do something that goes against their terms and conditions and be okay for them to let you fly off the handle. So, let us delve into how you can understand action block and how to get past it.

Types of Action Blocks on Instagram

Here are the different forms of action blocks on IG:

Permanent Action Block – With permanent action blocks, it isn’t possible to get rid of this block. This block would stem from the violation of numerous rules on Instagram. You may also receive a permanent block whenever your account faces multiple temporary blocks, or some users end up reporting your profile.

Temporary Action Block – This type of action block is the common one out forth by Instagram. This block tends to last over 24 hours. It stems from situations where you are breaking the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Expiration Date Block – This block comes with an expiry date. When you come across this block, it will tell you the duration of how long you will be blocked. You can expect this block to last from a day or even up to a month.

Non-Expiration Date Block – The timeframe of this block might vary from numerous hours to 2 weeks at most. Also, it doesn’t come with the “Tell Us” option, which is quite frustrating. If you got flagged for not doing anything wrong, then you can always proceed in requesting a manual review. You can do so by going to the settings of Instagram. Go to “Help” and choose “Report a Problem.”

Factors Triggering Action Block

Have you ever wondered about what may be causing these blocks? Here’s why:

Exceeding Action Limits – There are hourly or daily action limits on activities such as following, unfollowing, loading user data, likes, and comments. The exact limits will depend on the account’s activity level and age, making it different for every user.

Young Account – The number of actions that you can pull depends on the age of your account. If your account is very new, then there will be more limits for you. Instagram will find the boosted activity to be suspicious.

You Violated Rules Before – Whenever you break the guidelines of Instagram, your daily actions get limited. If other users have blocked or reported your account before, then it can lead to action blocks. For instance, posting fake news, nudity, or hate speech will get you flagged.

Being Too Active – Another way that you can get blocked is by being too active. If you end up posting excessively, then it triggers an action block from Instagram. Your account will come under suspicion for being spam. We would advise you to post 3-5 times per week.

Misusing Automation – You should always use your Instagram and grow followers the natural way. When you choose to use 3rd party applications for garnering likes and followers, then you end up with a block.

Steps To Remove Action Block

Remove Instagram action block

Here’s how to remove the action block on Instagram:

App Reinstallation – First, we would advise you to delete and reinstall your Instagram again. When you do so, you end up removing all the data, which Instagram has accumulated. It helps eradicate the action block present on your account, especially with the temporary block.

Reporting Your Problem – Did you get action blocked even if you did nothing? Here, when this error comes up, you can choose to either “Ignore” or “Tell Us.” You must proceed to tap on the “Tell Us” option for requesting a manual review. But if you just receive the “Okay” option only, then you need to pick the “Report a Problem” option from the “Help” section in your settings. You need to do this even when you have used a 3rd party tool. It will help show that you aren’t a bot.

Use Mobile Data – One reason why your actions tend to get blocked is probably because of your IP address. Here, Instagram will even go to lengths in blocking new accounts that you create because of the IP. So, you can start switching from your WiFi to mobile data during errors.

Linking Instagram to Facebook – Instagram permits users to make creator and business accounts without having to connect with FB. So, if your account isn’t linked and an action block has been put in it, then you should start linking it to your FB page. We would also encourage you to link it to other social media accounts to show that you aren’t a bot.

Via Another Device – You can try to change the device for logging in. Here, you can use a different phone, a tablet, or your computer. If nothing else is working, then you just have to wait for the block to expire after its set timeframe.