deleting Instagram account

Instagram has become a full-fledged digital umbrella for a billion people. People from all walks of life are able to come and connect here on this platform. Instagram allows its users to post all types of content as long as it’s not offensive or something that violates their guidelines. It has made the need to express one’s feelings way easier through pictures and videos. You will see all types of people on Instagram. A certain population of it are top-rated content influencers. But there are also businesses and celebrities with big names.

And for the remaining population consists of regular everyday users. While Instagram may be the source of escape from boredom for a lot of people, it also becomes toxic and overwhelming at times. We all need to flush out all the excessive digital toxins from our minds and body every once in a while. So, users do tend to deactivate or delete their accounts. We are assuming that you suddenly can’t find someone on Instagram? You are tapping on their profile via your old chats, but it’s all coming to an error. Are you curious about what might have happened?

Did They Delete Their Instagram Account?

how to get rid of Instagram account

Here’s how to tell if someone deleted their Instagram account:

Ask a Friend – One of the easiest ways to know if someone deleted their Instagram account is by asking another user or friend. Instagram makes it super easy for people to connect and network with. So, everybody ends up following the same users for the most part.

There will always be mutual friends among users. So, if your friend also follows the same person from before, then ask them to look for their account. If they are able to find and view their account but you can’t, then their account is still active, and you are just blocked.

Visit Instagram’s Main Website – The second method that you can use is via the official website of Instagram. Go to your web browser and type in “” Make sure to insert a flash right in front of it. Next, you must proceed in typing the username of the profile that you are trying to look for. Enter their username and tap on entering.

If you come across a page, which says that the page is no longer available, then that person has deleted their account. You have to know that a person’s profile won’t be viewable or discoverable from anywhere if they have discarded it. But if you are able to see their account, then they have blocked you on Instagram.

The Likes Go Away – When a user deletes their account, all of their previous activities go away. So, if that person has liked your pictures before, then go to that specific post. Tap on the likes to see the list of all the people who have interacted with your post. From there, use the search bar to locate that specific person. If you are unable to find him or her, then their account is gone. You can also look for their profiles via the mutual people he or she has interacted with on posts through likes and comments.

Create a Fake Account – Another effective method would be to come up with a fake account. Once you create your fake account, you can start to look for them using the search bar. Since you just want to know if the account is active or not, you don’t have to invest time making your fake account look real. If you were planning to follow them, but their account is private, then you do have to spend time humanizing your fake account.

But since it’s just a matter of finding out if an account is deleted or not, you can skip those steps. However, if you are still failing to locate their account from the newly created account, then their account is truly gone. So, don’t get the wrong assumption that you have been blocked by them because that’s not the case here.

How To Recognize Deactivated or Deleted Instagram Accounts?

If a user has deactivated or deleted their account, then you won’t be able to find a trace of their activities. Apart from their account, you also won’t be able to find likes, posts, and comments at all. The comment that they have left in your post in the past will also be hidden. The only way for them to restore everything is by coming back. Many people choose to deactivate instead of delete because the profile remains disabled until and unless you choose to restore it.

But with the delete option, your Instagram will be permanently gone after a timeframe of 30 days. So, the only chance for you to revive back that account is to do so within that timeline. Remember that when a person has deleted their account, no one will be able to find them. And if you feel like you have been blocked, then you should do the due diligence of respecting their decision and privacy.