Hide Instagram following list

Instagram is one of the top social networks when it comes to garnering high traffic. This social tool is known for providing a plethora of opportunities to all of its users, especially the companies and content creators. As a user, you get to upload all sorts of stuff and also share daily life updates. It has become an all-encompassing tool for connecting people from all corners of the globe. However, with such a big platform, the need for privacy and security also arises.

There are people that don’t care about who’s going through their follow list. But there are also users that don’t want people to snoop in on their social life. Many people wish to hide their following because of jealous people, an ex-partner, family, work and more. One great thing about Facebook would be how it allows this feature, i.e., hiding the friends’ list. However, there are still some ways to make this work for you.

How To Hide Your Following List

Hide following list on Instagram

Here are some of the techniques that you can use for how to hide who you follow on Instagram:

Going Private – It isn’t possible for you to hide your following and activities in general when your account is set to public. We would advise you to change it to private if your account isn’t a business one. You should also avoid making your account private if your job is that of an influencer. When you make your profile private, you lessen the chances of people stalking. You can do so with these steps:

  • Proceed in entering your credentials and logging in to your Instagram profile.
  • Now, you need to tap on the icon present at the right corner of your screen’s bottom section.
  • Next, you have to click on the icon with three parallel lines present at the right corner on top of your screen. Here, you will open the settings.
  • Head towards the privacy section for switching on the button of the private account.
  • Your Instagram profile is fully protected now. No other account can see your content apart from your followers.

Removing Followers – So, you have successfully prevented others from seeing who you follow. But what if you don’t want someone from your followers to go through your follow list? Well, you do have to understand that there’s no way you can hide your “Following List” from people that follow you regardless of you turning your account into a private one. But don’t fret because we do have a workaround in this issue. Here’s what you can do:

  • Head to the tab of your profile present at the right of your screen’s bottom corner.
  • Navigate your way towards the followers’ list.
  • Start searching for the person that you don’t want snooping in your account. Here, you can use the search bar.
  • Once you locate the profile, tap on the remove option present near their username.

When you remove them from the list, they won’t be able to see any of your content like the remaining users who aren’t following you. You can start enjoying using your private account and upload content for the ones you trust.

Blocking Users – It becomes hard to gain followers, likes, and collaborate with other users when you have a private account. There is more fun in using a public account and being able to do things freely without others constantly monitoring you. So, the third option for you would be to use the block feature on Instagram. Once you block them, you get rid of them for good.

  • You need to go to your search bar on your Instagram first.
  • Type the username of that person and start to look for them.
  • Once their name pops up on the results, tap on them to visit their profile.
  • Here, you should look for an icon that looks like ellipses. It is present at the right corner on top of your screen.
  • Tap on it, and you will find the “Block” option.
  • Proceed to block them. But when you are blocking them, make sure to choose the option of “Block (this person) and new accounts they may create.” In this way, you get rid of them permanently.

Using AiSchedul – Lastly, you can use a 3rd party application like AiSchedul for controlling both your list, posts, and privacy. This handy 3rd party monitoring application helps you by performing account analysis. It can be about your account growth or account privacy; AiSchedul will do the job for you. Here, you will be able to insert accounts easily and begin monitoring all of their activities. You also don’t have to follow them on Instagram from your actual profile.

It is useful because you get to see all of their updates and content through AiSchedul. So, you are following them but not actually following them; do you get what we mean? Here, the people won’t know that you are following these accounts based on your follow list, but in reality, you are via AiSchedul. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Sign up for AiSchedul and proceed to log in.
  • Pick your account through the dashboard in AiSchedul.
  • Open the section of “Listening and Repost.”
  • Proceed to tap on the option of “Account Monitoring.” From there, you can get started.