Deleting Instagram Drafts

Do you have a post that you aren’t sure about publishing on Instagram? Do you want to come back to it later on? Well, it is possible to do so by saving it like a draft. When you come back, you can insert filters and also a cool caption to grab your viewers’ attention. Instagram’s feature of creating drafts is quite handy and convenient for all avid posters.

You will have an easy time editing pictures, writing up creative captions, and also in preparing all your future posts. However, once you finish creating all of your drafts, you might have a change of mind. You are probably not interested in posting them on your feed anymore. So, the need to delete them arises here to make your drafts tidy and eradicate the ones that you don’t want.

How Does It Work?

The Draft feature of Instagram came into fruition back in 2016. However, it is normal for some users, especially the newbies, to view, edit, and even discard them. This feature functions by choosing to save your Insta posts, which were canceled for posting. It could also refer to posts, which you have refrained from posting. Whenever you are trying to post a video or picture, but then you have a change of mind, you can relax.

Instagram will always ask you whether you wish to save that post in the form of a draft or not. It proves to be very useful as you get to edit that post later on. Maybe that time you could improve it and get more likes? One great thing would be how Instagram allows unlimited drafts to be saved on your device. It also possesses its own technique for the users to see, edit, and delete drafts.

Steps for Deleting Instagram Drafts

deleting drafts on Instagram

Here’s how to delete Instagram drafts the easy way:

Step 1

  • Open your Instagram account by entering your credentials.
  • Locate and tap on the camera option present at the bottom section of your screen. It’s similar to whenever you are creating a new post.
  • Here, an editing window is going to show up with a section of many posts, which you have saved right under the “Drafts” option.
  • You will come across an option titled “Manage.” It will appear alongside all your drafts. Proceed by tapping on the “Manage” option.

Step 2

  • All of your saved drafts in your account will start to appear in a new window.
  • Avoid clicking in any of the drafts, as it will take you to a page for regular editing. It is the page where you usually add filters and effects.
  • But instead, you must tap on the “Edit” button available at the right corner on top of your screen.

Step 3

  • Now, you will come across an option that says “Discard Posts.” It will be located towards the bottom area of your screen.
  • Here, you will have the choice of picking between 1, 2, or all of your drafts. You need to select the drafts that you are interested in deleting. When you select it, the pictures will be highlighted. You will know you have done it correctly by seeing a checkmark appear.
  • Before you discard it for good, Instagram will ask you whether you are sure about permanently deleting the draft. So, if you happen to change your mind, then click on “Cancel.”

Knowing How To Save Drafts

As we all know by now that the draft feature holds an integral part in strategizing your Insta posts. It becomes so much easier to edit all your contents and store them away for future use. When you are ready to use them, you can edit and post as you like. Now that you have learned how to delete Instagram drafts, you should also know the steps for saving them.

  • Start by opening your Instagram application on your smartphone.
  • Head towards the option of “Post Photo.”
  • Proceed in choosing the media that you are interested in uploading.
  • Once you finish making the necessary desired changes to your post, proceed in exiting your editor by selecting the “Save Draft” option.
  • Here, you can expect your media to be saved straight into your drafts’ gallery in its edited form.

Now that you have saved all your drafts, you will want to access them in the coming days. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open your IG application and insert your username and password.
  • Go to the option of “Post Photo.”
  • Here, you will come across your library media, which is divided into two different sections called “Drafts” and “All Photos.”
  • The 1st four pictures inside the draft gallery can be viewed directly. Also, you can easily access the whole gallery by tapping on the “Manage” button present on the right side of your screen.