How to get a girl's attention on Instagram?

Although most people may want to go for a less direct approach, it is okay sometimes to be upfront. If you’re going to get a girl’s attention, you can directly send her a message on Instagram.


Here are some others ways in which you can get a girl’s attention on Instagram:

Story replies:

If you follow the girl you like, you will automatically see their stories whenever they post them. So the easiest way to get her attention would be to reply to her story. It is a plus point if you say something witty, so that invites some conversation.


Else, if you go for an emoji reaction, it is likely that she will leave you on read. This is not to say that emoji reactions are negative. It is a good start if you are nervous about what to say. It is simple that if you reply to her story with something exciting or evoke some thoughts, you have a higher chance of getting a response.


Additionally, there are features on Instagram stories where you can ask questions, do some poles, and interact with your viewers. Attempt to respond to her stories through these, which can pave the way for a deeper conversation.

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You can show that you’re genuinely interested in her by asking questions related to the story post. For example, if the story is about a restaurant, you can ask where it is or how the food is, etc., so it sounds like you are interested in knowing about the place.


get a girl’s attention on Instagram

Direct message:

Ideally, you need to send the message only if you have already established some relationship, such as you like each others’ posts or have been in touch through stories, etc. other than that, remember to keep the texts to a minimum. Do not overly send texts repeatedly until the girl responds. This sets off the mood. Instead, you can ask a question or say hello in a friendly manner that will intrigue her to reply to your DMs.


You should also be aware of the timings when texting a girl. Texting too early in the morning or too late at night can send the wrong kind of message to the girl, especially if you contact her for the first time.


Double-check your messages before you send them:

While it is good to be upfront and direct about getting a girls’ attention by directly messaging her, you do not want the wrong kind of attention, especially a humiliating one. Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you send her a text.

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Understand when the girl doesn’t want your attention:

This is one of the essential parts of this article. That is, to stop sending messages if you are left on read or are told directly that you need to stop messaging her. Although there is nothing wrong with getting a girl’s attention on Instagram, it is essential to know when to stop if the response is not ideal.


Get creative:

When replying to a girl’s stories or sending her dms, make sure to put in the extra effort, make witty remarks, and add humor. It is nice to make someone laugh, so do not be afraid to use it if that is up to your alley. You can also send memes and posts that are funny or that you think will be relevant to the girl’s interests. These small gestures can show that you are interested in her and think about her without looking too desperate.


Another clever tactic is using cheesy pickup lines. While this is seen as more of a joke than a severe pickup line, it seems to garner a lot of laughter and hence, carry the conversation forward.


Find some common ground:

When you’re out in the conversation zone, try to ask questions that help you find some common ground so you have things to talk about. It becomes easier for you to strike up random conversations when you have something in common throughout the day. This is because you know the girl will also have something to say about the topic in question. However, do not fake that you are interested in something just for the sake of the girl’s attention. Be genuine from the start, and perhaps everything will fall into place naturally.

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