Instagram funny comments

We all know Instagram is a place where you can show off your life. And if you’re lucky enough to have an entertaining life, then you should definitely share them with the world!

While Instagram is mostly used for sharing pictures and videos with other people, the platform is also a good place for comedy. It’s not only the most popular social media platform, but it is also rich in humor.

With its hashtag function, anyone can tag what they want to ‘share’ with the world and increase their followers.

There are so many funny comments on Instagram that it’s hard to keep up with them all. With so many epic posts being created every day, some stand out more than others. Here are some of the funniest comments on Instagram that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Funniest Comments on Instagram

commenting funny on Instagram

People are doing some wild things on social media. From an innocent photo of a cat to something outrageous, people are enjoying it all.

But there are times when someone posts something-or someone comments-that make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Whether they’re being silly or just downright hilarious, you’re going to love the funniest comments on Instagram.

The Best of the Best

  1. “When she said I’m not going to share my ice cream with you, that’s when I knew it was true love.”

This is a perfect example of one of those funny comments on Instagram made by user @happy__boy. It’s an innocent comment that has this person just being silly. It gives everyone a chuckle, but it also shows the type of humor involved in some of these posts.

  1. “I’ve been holding my pee for 10 hours so you have enough time to drive home…yes I know the potty dance.”

This is another smart joke by @trevso_electric. It’s funny and silly, but it also has a serious nature to it. These types of posts show the creativity of some people when they make comments on Instagram.

  1. “If you get more than three likes in this post, I will personally send you 10 dollars.”

This is an innocent comment by user @investinme_. It’s a silly promise, but one that people would be tempted to take. They may not want the 10 dollars, but they want the affirmation of others that so many have liked their social media post.

  1. “I just put on fresh socks and then walked into this puddle ughhhh I smell like feet now.”

Another funny comment on Instagram that is posted by user @offensive__dad. It has nothing to do with feet, but it still gets people laughing. This is precisely why these types of posts are so popular-they can always get a chuckle out of someone.

Are Funny Comments Helpful?

There are a number of ways that funny comments on Instagram can be helpful.

Social media is a great tool for staying in contact with friends and family, and funny comments give you an instant way to share your thoughts. It’s also the perfect way to react quickly to anything that happens in the world, though, of course, it’s not for everyone.

Some people might use the app as a way to entertain themselves when they’re bored or feeling down. It can easily become addicting because it always promises some sort of amusement – even if it’s just someone who cracks you up.

Sometimes you might want funny comments because you’re trying to motivate yourself or others. It’s very accurate that the more you laugh, the better you feel. Therefore, some people consider laughter therapy, and they use the comments to help people feel better, especially if they’re sick or stressed etc.

You can also find funny comments on Instagram that are related to different TV shows and movies. They’re not necessary, but it’s fun for fans, especially when you share them with other viewers.

Sometimes it is pretty hard to find the perfect words to say when you are trying to make someone feel better or laugh at their silly stories.

At times, it’s easier to use some funny comments on Instagram. Still, it doesn’t always work if the person is taking things seriously. So instead of comments, one other way that works is to give the person a funny picture.

Final Thought

Funny stories like these are happening every day on Instagram. Whether it’s something that’s said or done, people are having fun with their social media accounts.

It may only last for a few seconds, but it’s always worth the laughs. These types of posts connect people, give them something to talk about, and won’t cost anyone any money!

However, there are lots of negative aspects too. Funny comments can hurt feelings, offend people, or create feuds between friends or even enemies. You can never be 100% sure what people will take offense to, so it’s best to use caution before you post a funny comment.

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