Growing your Instagram account isn’t just about adding followers. It’s more about adding followers who engage. Especially for businesses, it is important that you have an audience that engages with your content, takes value from it, and also responds to the call to action your add-in. So, Startups on Instagram: How to Grow from Beginner to Pro?

Startups on Instagram: How to Grow from Beginner to Pro

This is a very common question that most start-up owners have. How can I grow my business on Instagram in a way that helps with marketing my products and services?

Well, the strategies are simple. All you have to do is know them and implement them in the right way. This guide will highlight all of them in detail.

Startups on Instagram: How to Grow from Beginner to Pro

  1. Start with a strategy

Unless you are a marketing geek who knows what they are doing, we’d recommend that you onboard a professional to help you out with the process. That said, when you have a social media manager or a professional marketer, sit down with them and discuss the strategies.

This is indispensable. You can’t forego creating a proper strategy. That said, we’d also recommend that you focus on creating a strategy that aligns with the needs of your target audience. Traditional marketing strategies aren’t feasible anymore for start-ups, especially ones which are just starting. You can also become reachable if you buy Instagram likes from a trusted source.

  1. Leverage hashtags

When it comes to start-ups on Instagram: how to grow from a beginner to pro there’s nothing that can beat hashtags. However, there are tricks behind it too.

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Instagram’s algorithm is very sensitive to unwarranted marketing. This means that unnecessary and unrelated use of hashtags might land you on the bigger scene but it is short-lived. Your posts will be covered under the hashtags with more posts but that’s all there is to it. It doesn’t generate traction at all.

As a start-up that’s trying to sell products or services on Instagram, we’d recommend that you use the right hashtags. This is quintessential, especially when you are dealing with important posts that require your audience engagement.

  1. No alternative for good content

Content is and will remain the king till the end of time. You can’t expect to attract customers on Instagram if they don’t like the content, you are sharing and don’t engage with it.

So, instead of doing 100 things at a time, focus on creating one piece of content that brings value to your audience. Top-notch content holds the potential to take your start-up’s marketing game from 0 to 100 quickly.

Also, when curating content for your Instagram profile, focus on diversity. Just because you are a start-up doesn’t mean you have to stick to grid posts only. You can branch out and create reels, make fun and interactive videos and even share longer-form informative video content that the audience engages with.

  1. Make the most of user-generated content

If you are confused, let us clarify them better for you. Instead of just using your content, try to focus on creating content that the users have shared with you. This includes urging your audience to share their reviews, pictures, and videos as testimonials. 

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Based on what your start-up sells, you can ask for images or you can ask for testimonials to put up on your Instagram account. 

This can fill in the gaps, especially when you are devoid of content but don’t want to leave your Instagram account inactive for days. Sharing user-generated content also amplifies the credibility of your start-up in the eyes of your target audience, which is a benefit too.

  1. Run online contests

When it comes to start-ups on Instagram: how to grow from a beginner to pro you can’t go wrong with online contests and giveaways. The audience loves receiving free items, so use that to your benefit to lure in your target audience. 

Also, a giveaway allows you to reach a wider spectrum of audiences and expand your possible clientele. However, we can’t stress enough that you should always host such contests when you have built a loyal community of people on your account. 

You don’t want to gain temporary followers that just follow you for the giveaways. Instead, you want to be forthcoming and bring along an engaging audience that sticks around from the start till the end.

  1. Cross-promote

Besides engaging with your audience and responding to their comments and mentions, cross-promotion does magic too.

Startups on Instagram: How to Grow from Beginner to Pro

As a start-up, we assume that your social media presence isn’t limited to just Instagram. If you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, make the most use of them. 

The content that you share on Instagram, share it on other social media platforms too. It might not generate the expected level of traction but something is better than nothing, right? So, why not make the most out of it?

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Also, when cross-promoting, you can collaborate with other Instagram accounts in the same niche as you. You can shout out to each other’s accounts to gain better exposure to a diversity of the audience. This does take time, especially when you are reaching out to accounts with more followers.

This guide answers how to take your start-up account on Instagram from beginner to pro. If you are completely new to Instagram and don’t have much idea about the strategies, start with these. Not only are they effective, but they also impose potent benefits in the long run. Try and test out what works and what doesn’t and make changes along the way.