Instagram is a flourishing social media. And, not just for stalking your crazy ex but also for keeping track of possible brands that are sneaking up to your account. Knowing the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram can help you keep up with the insights. 

To be fair, given that this feature is a very prominent one, there are not one but multiple apps out there on the Internet that allows you to keep up with the lurkers on your profile.

In this post, we will highlight some of our top favorite picks that keep up with your profile stalkers and activities.

  • Profile+ Followers & Profiles Tracker

the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram

If you use Android, the Profile+ Followers & Profiles Tracker is hands down the best app that you can download and use. Not only can you check who follows and unfollows your account, but you can also keep track of the accounts that are stalking your profile. 

Also, it comes with a lot of cool additional features where you can pin your favorite Instagram profiles, follow the statistics of your account and keep up with the tracking all in one place.

The app has an intuitive user interface, which further adds to the benefits. You wouldn’t have to worry about your data security and privacy too.

  • Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer App

When you are looking for the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram, this Android app goes for the win. This gives you a daily report of the stalkers that you have in your Instagram profile, enabling you to make the most out of those insights.

The app is completely free, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has. You will get push notifications every time someone stalks or lurks in your account. 

your profile, you can also use this app to check who is lurking on your Instagram posts and feeds too, which is a bonus.

  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

The Follower Analyzer for Instagram App is one of the few Instagram tracker applications that is available for both Android and iOS users. You can directly download it from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The app is available for free but you do need to register with your Instagram account credentials to give the app better access to your account. Once done, you can then go ahead and sort out the insights and statistics of your Instagram feed.

Besides feed and profile, it also gives insight into the stories and DMs that you get to your profile daily.

  • InReports

We can’t stress this enough but InReports is hands down the best Instagram Story analyzer. It gives you a complete rundown of who has seen your Instagram stories and even looks into possible options when it comes to the Instagram profile and stories that are available.

This Instagram stalker app gives you a cumulative idea about the accounts that are viewing your profile and allows you to make the most out of the knowledge, especially if you are trying to build a rapport with brands in the future.

  • Find My Stalker

the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram

When it comes to the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram, Find My Stalker is your best bet. This is one of the most comprehensive applications that you will find on the Google Play Store. 

The accuracy of this application is what drives its growth. Not only do you get an insight into the accounts that have checked out your Instagram stories or left you a DM, but you also get to check the accounts that stalked your account privately.

The app also gives a detailed analysis of the different posts and videos, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has. 

  • FollowMeter for Instagram

Although not the best stalker app for Instagram, FollowMeter for Instagram is good if you want to keep track of your followers and non-followers. This allows you to keep a check on the accounts that have likely followed you before and recently unfollowed.

Also, you can use the app to check which posts are doing well on your account and which ones need a little push towards the edge.

The highlight of this tracker is that it checks inactive and ghost accounts that you follow. Knowing them allows you to get rid of those accounts from your feed and clean up your Instagram too.

  • Visitors Pro App

For the iOS users who have been waiting for a good-quality and highly productive Instagram tracker application, we’d recommend the Visitors Pro App. Not only does it keep track of your views on Instagram, but you can also use this app to check who viewed your Instagram posts and feeds as well.

The app is free and has an easy-to-use interface, which is always a benefit. You can also find your biggest fans and the accounts that engage the most with your account.

Keeping track of your Instagram’s insights and growth by buying Instagram likes can help you in multiple ways. It gives you an insight into the posts and stories that are doing well and the demographic of audience that you are attracting the most to your account. We have sorted the best apps for that in this post with the hope that it helps you out exponentially.

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