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Instagram is leaking with opportunities, and there’s not enough plaster to cover them up. Do you spend the majority of your time scrolling through different Instagram pages? Do you enjoy giving shoutouts, liking, commenting, and sharing content? Then I think one of your callings in life would be to become an Instagram manager. You will realize that working behind social media scenes is way different than using your own profile. The job of a manager is to monitor and control almost everything.

Instagram is always coming up with new updates. It has tools that assist business owners to succeed and thrive on Instagram. The companies have an easy time advertising their services and products, building their brand, and also boosting sales by utilizing the right marketing strategy. If you look around, then you will see that some of the most successful social influencers have worked as managers before or are currently in the profession. So, continue reading this guide as we list down all the key pointers of becoming one.

Important Components That Make an Instagram Manager

becoming an Instagram manager

Here’s how to become an Instagram manager:

Creating & Managing Accounts – An Instagram manager should always prioritize their research on the market and its current trends. You should always assess the customers’ industries and study your potential audience in an in-depth manner. When you do so, you will be able to understand the preferences, pain points, interests, and challenges of your audience.

After that, you need to start sketching a customized form of content strategy, which can stir the market buzz and garner engagement. As an Instagram manager, you have to create and set up multiple business accounts, including your personal ones. You should be able to switch between the Insta accounts of your clients and be attentive to all of them. It might seem like a tough job, but you will get the hang of it once you begin.

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Staying Organized – This step is a supplement to the first one. One thing’s for sure; it isn’t possible for you to survive the job of an Instagram manager unless you can successfully organize numerous accounts and manage collaborations in an efficient manner. It is crucial to always have your systems in the right place, which allows you to seamlessly manage your accounts.

Plus, while coming across collaborative projects with numerous stakeholders in the form of photographers, brand managers, videographers, marketers, and copywriters, you should be able to handle the pressure. Your client will always expect you to process all the information, which comes from every corner of the job. So, it’s crucial to remain organized.

Making Customized Content Calendars – It isn’t wise to store your content in odd notebooks, scrap papers, and sticky notes. You have to be practical and maintain a customized content calendar, which perfectly aligns with the client’s vision. It should reflect the brand of your client and the message that they are trying to get across. A content calendar that’s planned strategically will allow you to be consistent, promote the brand’s visibility, and increase audience engagement.

Here, IG managers also take assistance from copywriters in crafting posts and captions that are both engaging and compelling. They also take up the responsibility of making sure that all the posts of the clients are in perfect alignment with the company’s personality. They also optimally post the content to garner maximum engagement. Managers should also keep up with IG updates to ensure that the content of their clients isn’t becoming a victim of a bad IG algorithm.

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Keep Up – If there’s one thing a manager has to know more than anything would be the evolvement of social media. Instagram is constantly experiencing new changes, so businesses need to keep up with it too. Do you remember the times when pictures were the only thing that grabbed our attention? And from there, it went to prioritizing top creative and deep captions to the power of stories, and to reels etc.

Well, now the key is to be extra social at all times. You can’t post and ghost your content and viewers. Whenever a post is uploaded, ensure that you stick around for 15-20 minutes and interact with the audience. If you don’t, then what’s the whole point of even having a business on Instagram? You should work on building that healthy and loyal relationship with your followers.

Resorting To Hashtags – Instagram loves to thrive on current topics and trends. Here, the role of a manager is to come up with a strategic plan by partnering with a digital marketing team. It will help the brand stay on top of all the current trends, offering a fresh breath of new content ideas.

So, there is a need for you to leverage trending hashtags here as a manager. Every marketing campaign requires hashtags in its strategies to generate widespread brand awareness. In this way, the brand of your client will be able to reach a lot of audiences, even in millions.

All About Collaboration – Managers are always looking to grow their following and accumulate as much engagement as they can. So, as a manager, you should also do the due diligence of reaching out to numerous influencers who are connected to other fellow social media managers. Did you know that Influencer marketing is the newest trend in town?

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Social influencers are able to bring effective engagement and better networking through their platform. You will see that these influencers are always advertising products and services of many brands on the regular. It could be clothing, skincare, makeup, edibles, accessories and the list goes on. You do whatever you can as a manager to push your client’s business to the forefront with these influencers.