putting bio links

An account’s Instagram bio page is among the first things that their followers witness on arriving in their domain. It offers a big opportunity for those who are hoping to gain more followers and increase their profile’s reach. At the same time, you’ve got very limited space to market yourself. In such cases, adding a link in your bio surely helps out. Thus, without further ado, let’s begin our article on how to put a link in Instagram bio.

Four Simple Steps On How to put a link in Instagram bio

Step 1: Open the profile page.

After running the Instagram app successfully, tap on the icon on your lower right section of the screen. You’ll be able to access the profile section here.

In case you’re making use of a desktop computer, the option will be on the upper right section.

Step 2: Access the “Edit Profile” option.

Once you’ve made it to your profile page after following Step 1, the “Edit Profile” option will be in front of you.

It’ll be towards the right of your username if you’re making use of a desktop computer. For mobile app users, the option will be under the username and above the Highlight section.

When you’ve found the option, tap on it!

Step 3: Add the link.

After tapping on the “Edit Profile” option, the interface will direct you to another domain. Here, you’ll be able to add links.

If you’re on MAC or PC, the option to add links will be under “Website.” It’ll be on top of “Bio.”

steps to add IG links in bio

It’ll be similar for mobile app users too.

Thus, go ahead and add the link.

Step 4: Confirm it.

When you’re done adding the link, go over it and once you’ve finalized it, tap on “Done.” It’ll be on the upper right section for app users.


Now that you’re familiar with how to put a link in Instagram bio, it’s vital to gather more info on the various link varieties that exist.

There are many varieties when it comes to the link types. And it’s crucial that one knows how one link is different from the other.

·        Use short links

Nobody wishes to add an ugly link that’s long and unappealing as a part of their bio. Thus, it’s quite obvious that you make use of a link that’s concise and short.

After deciding on the length of the link, there exist two types of short links. These are namely branded links or custom URLs and generic URLs.

Based on our study and research, we would advise that you go for branded links. That’s because not only do they look better, but they give off a professional vibe.

If you’re an influencer or someone who earns through Instagram, you must be aware that visual marketing is key when it comes to Instagram. In that regard, links offer an efficient method to brand yourself.

·        Use Links As A Doorway

The link is not just a random URL sitting idly on your profile. Rather it’s a holy gateway marking the entrance to your world of services and products.

As stated earlier, it’s an effective method to expose your followers to your products and services. If that’s the case, links lead your followers to the domain where you’re selling your skills and expertise.

Say you’re a brand selling apparel and clothing items. Offering a link to your followers to your website can help you reach out more and expand your business.

On your website, you can give a shoutout to even more accounts and channels affiliated with your brand. Thus, links indeed are beneficial for the growth of your business.

·        Bio-Link Tools

These tools offer a single domain for all your websites and channels. You can easily customize where you wish to lead your audience and also offer them a window to revisit your other sites.

Advantages of Adding Links

·        Exposure

Links are very effective when it comes to increasing the traffic to your services. It’s all about how you’re able to promote yourself and market your brand through links. That way, you can retarget your brand and direct the audience in that direction.

·        Analytics

You’ll be able to find the click rates and other basic functionalities if you make use of generic links.

But you can figure out the exact date or day of those clicks in the case of branded links. It even gives you information about the devices and browser users employed for the clicks.

Branded links even provide info on the genuineness of the clicks. That is, whether the clicks came through real human beings or bot services.

Such info and data are vital to analyzing what type of content, services, or products are making an impact on your audience.