Making a Secret Instagram Account

What you post on your social media will continue to live on unless you choose to delete them. We have all been there before, the time we posted something stupid or insensitive months or years ago. With the world becoming too sensitive, it has become tough to sprout out your opinions online. Now, we aren’t encouraging you to post anything offensive or inappropriate that could possibly hurt someone who sees it. However, we do understand the need to use your social media in private.

But owning a secret account or Finsta is more than just that. You would also want a secret account when you want to follow accounts that you couldn’t from your original account. It becomes hard to follow and like posts when you are being monitored by your viewers. So, it is definitely fine to have a Finsta as long as you don’t use it with bad intentions. Here, a Finsta refers to a combo of “Fake” and “Instagram.” You could also use your Finsta to network with your close friends. Today, we will help you out on how to create one in this guide.

Steps To Create a Finsta

secret account on Instagram

Here’s how to make a secret Instagram account for yourself:

Creating a New Account

Do you already possess an account that you wish to turn into your Finsta? Then you can skip this step.

  • Launch your Insta app and proceed to choose the “Sign Up” option.
  • Click on it and follow all of its instructions. You can either choose to sign up using your email or phone number. We would advise you to use a spare email instead of a phone number since you are making a secret Instagram.
  • But if you are already signed in with your main account, then tap on the profile icon present at the right corner on top of your screen. The icon will be represented by 3 dots.
  • From there, tap on your settings at the bottom and click on “Add Account.”
  • If you are an Android user, then proceed to long-press on the profile icon present at the bottom. The “Add Account” option will appear here.
  • Proceed in selecting the “Create New Account” option. Follow the instructions present on your screen to sign up.

Stop Linking Information

The whole point of creating a Finsta is to do things in private. So, you need to stop connecting your personal information to it.

  • Do not link your Finsta with your main account. Yes, it becomes easier for log-in purposes. However, you should always separate your account from the original one. The people that lurk on your page will come to know about it. You need to be extra careful because of hackers, too, since they can easily garner access to your Finsta via your main account.
  • Whenever you create a new account, do not enter your phone number for the sign-up process. The people in your contacts will be able to find out that it’s your account. We would advise you to create a new email and connect your account to it.
  • After you create a Finsta, Instagram will ask you to link your profile to Facebook. Do not link them because it’s unnecessary and will only expose your Finsta to all your Facebook friends. Try to remain as vigilant as possible without leaving any footprints behind.

Pick a Unique Username

You might be excited to use a funny username, but that’s not always the case. We would also suggest you avoid using names of celebs like your account is a fan page (unless you created your Finsta for that reason). You should also avoid going for suspicious names such as “LoverBoy677,” for example. People will instantly know that it’s a fake account. Also, avoid using names that may sound like it’s yours. Be creative and come up with a realistic one.

Making It Look Realistic

Apart from using a realistic username, you should also come up with a good, believable bio. In the bio section, you can insert fake details such as the job title, relatable hashtags, age, educational background, current city, romantic status, bible verse, random quotes and emojis, hobbies, and much more. You don’t have to overfill and make a messy profile.

Choose a few of them to make a realistic combo. We would advise you to add a believable message on your bio like “New Account Here! Last One Got Hacked” or something. You need to properly strategize your social media tactics here. Plus, you can even try buying followers to make it more legitimate.

Profile Picture & Posts

Lastly, one of the most important components of creating a Finsta account would be the pictures. You need to come up with realistic pictures for both your profile photo and feed. We would recommend you to look on social outlets such as Pinterest or even Google. There are millions and millions of pictures of attractive boys and girls online.

You can use pictures of them; it could be a popular public figure, social influencer, model, streamer, YouTuber etc. Their pictures will look more realistic. Using images of A-List celebs will not work for you since people aren’t living under a stone. But ensure that you aren’t using their pictures to scam or catfish someone. Be in it for the harmless stuff. Also, avoid posting excessively. Do it after every 2-3 days.