Hashtag For Instagram Likes

Hashtags are simple yet effective for all businesses, and they serve an array of uses. You can easily create or search for a hashtag on Instagram or other social platforms. It has, without a doubt, become a powerful marketing tool for many companies, organizations, social influencers, celebrities, and regular users. Hashtags can push your business to newer heights as long as you are strategic with it. With hashtags, you can expect your target audience to grow, garner more followers, develop a reputed and positive brand image, and boost engagement.

There are a variety of hashtags available for you. You can differ them by:

  • Campaign Hashtags.
  • Personal Hashtags.
  • Acronym Hashtags.
  • Service or Product Hashtags.
  • Branded Hashtags.
  • Insta Community Hashtags (Industry Based).
  • Industry Niche Hashtags.
  • Conference or Event Hashtags.
  • Location Hashtags.
  • Daily Hashtags.
  • Industry Niche Hashtags.
  • User-Generated Content or UGC Hashtags.
  • Phrase Hashtags.
  • Cultural Movement Hashtags.
  • Holiday Hashtags.

Hashtags & Their Significance

Hashtags form an integral component when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some of the benefits of using them:

All About Competition – As a business owner, it is your job to identify your rivals and what they are advertising and offering. Here, you can utilize IG hashtags to locate the accounts of your competitors. It will allow you to know the hashtags that they mostly use as well as their top-performing posts. So, by using the same hashtags, you will also attract many audiences like them. But ensure that you are also keeping up with the ever-changing hashtags.

Branding & Visibility – If you have recently started your business, then you can use hashtags for expanding your brand and also boost its awareness. You can come up with your own hashtags for your services, events, and products. By doing so, you will be able to use your brand for dominating that specific hashtag. Also, when you include that hashtag repeatedly, you get to improve its visibility. Users will have an easy time associating your brand with that hashtag.

Promotional Reasons – Hashtags are notoriously known for helping brands, and marketers create their target campaigns. Whenever you post about promotions, your audience will also utilize the exact hashtag. Next, their followers will also begin to use it. It works like a chain reaction, which is in your brand’s favor. Hashtags promote excellent brand visibility and help you to obtain your targeted audience via the usage of relevant hashtags. You can even do some giveaway promotions to push your promotions.

Tool for Activists – You may have come across many political and social movements nowadays. Here, hashtags are super relevant to these movements because the causes become discoverable to the global audience. Whenever you see hot button issues that are trending, you will immediately see multiple hashtags under that post. It could be for Animal rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Black Lives Matter, or even about veganism and much more.

The Trendiest Hashtags In 2021

trendiest hashtags instagram

Are you curious about which hashtags to use for your upcoming posts? Here are some of the top-rated ones that will get you excess likes, followers, reposts, and even shoutouts. They include:

  • #Love
  • #Fitness
  • #Instagood
  • #Style
  • #Fashion
  • #Fun
  • #Photooftheday
  • #Nature
  • #Beautiful
  • #Girl
  • #Happy
  • #Repost
  • #Tbt
  • #Friends
  • #Like4Like
  • #Instadaily
  • #Followme
  • #Art
  • #Picoftheday
  • #Summer
  • #Follow
  • #Selfie
  • #Me

How To Discover Trending Hashtags?

Instagram is different than Twitter because it doesn’t publicize the trending hashtags. But if you try to look for hashtags on Instagram, then you will be able to view the number of posts, which utilize that hashtag. Here, you will also come across a popular list of other IG hashtags that uses similar wordings, along with the posts counts as well. You can insert both the #symbol and the hashtag word in the search box on your desktop.

If you are on your mobile, then proceed to insert the search term inside the search box. From there, you need to click on “Tags.” You won’t have any trouble locating the trending hashtags if you are paying close attention to your IG feed. However, avoid jumping into the bandwagon of trending hashtags all the time. You should prioritize posting a hashtag not because it’s trending but because it is relevant for your business or content.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

When it comes to your regular traditional posts, you can incorporate around 30 of them. And if you are interested in putting them in your stories, then a single story can support up to 10 hashtags. If you are trying to insert more in your caption or comment, then the post will fail to upload. But let’s get one thing very clear; just because Instagram gives you a maximum of 30 hashtags doesn’t mean you should do that.

Yes, there is no universal number on how many hashtags you should add for your business. But going overboard with your hashtags is never a good idea. It will look messy and also appear like spam to most users and Instagram as well. While we encourage you to use hashtags consistently, you should also try sticking with 11 of them at a maximum.