taking good selfies for Instagram

Social Media is like your immediate family now as it doesn’t just give you a place to connect with people but also to make money. You know what they say about ideas being the currency of the present. The same can be said for your beauty mixed with some great selfie techniques. If you use Instagram, then you often come across bomb-ass selfies of people online. We are sure that your mind is bombarded by the question of, how do they do that?

It can be a picture of your favorite influencer that you follow, your school crush, a gorgeous A-List celeb, or your friends. There’s no universal law that says that only famous people or folks with money can land great selfies. Selfies are a no respecter of men; it caters to everybody equally and doesn’t discriminate. It’s all about learning how to develop your skills and strategize your content to attract as much viewership as you can. So, the next time when someone comes across your picture on their feed, they will also think the same.

Steps for Getting the Best Instagram Selfies

getting the best Instagram selfies

How to take good selfies for Instagram? You are in the right place! Our perfect selfie guide will help you out today.

Keep Your Eyes Focused – Whenever we meet people, the eyes are always the first thing that we notice. The same can be said for pictures. You need to make sure that your eyes are focused on the camera to make your selfie more compelling. When you click selfies, look straight into the camera and not elsewhere unless you are trying to take a candid shot.

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Your entire focus and concentration should be in your device’s camera lens. But you shouldn’t act like a robot at the same time and freeze. Put some human emotions and connections in your snaps. Eyes are always the window to your soul; remember that.

Extending Your Head & Looking Up – You need to extend your head away from the neck. Why? Well, because it helps in creating that appearance where you have a sharper jawline and a longer neck. Pushing down your shoulders is also a great idea to appear relaxed and chill. While you are looking at the camera, ensure that your eyebrows are slightly raised.

It helps in making your eyes pop and look bigger, which is the key to a perfect selfie. You need to also smile naturally and avoid putting on a fake one. Here, you can think of something that made you smile. The key is to create a genuine sense of happiness in your photos. If you are going for an intense look, then adjust accordingly. Just make sure to avoid giving dull and sad looks.

The Power of Tilting – Here, you can angle your device upwards, downwards, or towards the side. You can also keep your phone still and begin tilting your head instead while taking a selfie. Choosing to tilt both your head and phone also work even if you look silly for some seconds. Continue doing this, and you just might secure the perfect selfie.

And it all took a simple combination of your head, phone, and body movement. You have to realize that straight-angled selfies aren’t always in your favor. To achieve the best shots, you should prioritize doing what we just mentioned. Don’t be discouraged if you are failing in the first few shots. Practice makes perfect.

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The Magic of Lighting – It doesn’t matter if you have the best camera in the world or the most attractive face. You will have a hard time clicking good selfies with bad lighting. Make it a priority to always avoid shooting under harsh lighting. We would advise you to take pictures under direct sunlight or with bright white lights.

It is also a smart move to invest in equipment that produces natural lighting. Here, a ring light also does an amazing job. So, be strategic with your selfies and the tools that you need. You would want to take a photo that’s ready to upload without additional touch-ups.

All About the Background – We are sure that you must have taken countless pictures in your bedroom, car, the large mirror inside your apartment, the lobby in your building and what not. We aren’t asking you to take pictures inside the Met Gala or a Fashion runway. But we do think it’s important to change up a bit. You could try taking pictures in a totally different place. The new pictures from the same old background can be boring to your followers.

Maybe you could try taking some at a local park, your backyard, the grocery store, the mall, or at the beach. If you are going on a vacation, then take as many pictures as you can. You could also try putting stuff in your background to make your selfies pop. Certain objects help in beautifying your content. Also, make sure to declutter your space whenever you are planning to go on a picture-clicking spree. The last thing you would want is a messy background spoiling a perfectly good selfie.

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