Expectation VS Reality Instagram

Social Media has turned the world upside down in a good way. But with the good comes the bad, and it is quite evident from how people have unrealistic expectations. You should never expect someone or something to be as perfect as what social media perceives them to be. For 95% of the time, it is just a façade unless that person or thing is just blessed with beauty. There are a lot of people that confuse the two, i.e., expectation and reality, especially the young adults these days. It is extremely crucial to identify and embrace the reality of it all.

Instagram & Beauty

Instagram & beauty

Social platforms like Instagram have definitely set unrealistic standards when it comes to beauty or life in general. Almost everybody is trying to share a fantasized and idealized form of themselves. You may think someone has the perfect face and a luxurious lifestyle, but there’s always more to the story. Apart from being anonymous, the power of social media definitely has to do with how most people disguise their real life. They put on a show that’s not actually theirs, to begin with. Anyone can act that way behind a screen, but we fail to comprehend the truth at most times.

Some folks even go to the extent of portraying a lifestyle that they don’t actually have. It could be cars, houses, and other materialistic stuff. So, when most people see these sorts of stuff online, they feel bad about themselves. They start doubting their worth, capabilities, and individuality. You will be surprised when you come to know that most Insta famous social influencers are a cause in this issue too. They always cherry-pick pictures, experiences, and thoughts to share with their followers. It also brings excess likes and followers for them.

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They make it seem like they have the best life that’s devoid of any problems. Both celebrities and influencers go to extreme lengths to photoshop their pictures. So, when their viewers see these pictures, they immediately think about how perfect these people are with their size zero figures, arched eyebrows, and chiseled jawlines. But they fail to think about the countless filters and photoshopping effects that went into the pictures. You will be surprised by the amount of editing that takes place behind the scenes.

But there are celebs and influencers who avoid portraying and putting such type of content online. They prefer to show off their natural beauty and insecurities too, and what an actual human really looks like. So, we should remember not to discredit the ones who are actually doing the good work. You might have also come across influencers who put an edited picture right next to the unedited or makeup-free one, which is just great. It makes you feel better about yourself and not fall into the endless loop of unrealistic beauty standards.

Instagram & Businesses

Oh, Wait! Because we are not done yet. There is also a line that needs to be drawn with expectation and reality on Instagram:

Expectation – My business will thrive more with more followers.

Reality – Tracking the growth and success of your brand based on the followers’ count isn’t always accurate. Yes, there’s no denying that the brand’s credibility does increase with the followers. But sometimes, even though it may look good, the case is usually something different. It’s more of a ‘Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.’ You will agree when you see the CLTV or Customer Lifetime Value and ROI or Return on Investment. You should focus more on conversions, sales, and leads.

Expectation – I will get more results from publishing a specific number of posts every day.

Reality – You won’t receive your desired results from constantly sharing content. Businesses should focus on utilizing data for driving the frequency and timing of your post. It will offer your business a reliable jumping point. However, this isn’t a one-shoe-fits-all situation here. What works for one brand doesn’t necessarily equate it to your working. Ensure that you adjust your frequency and content based on your audience type.

Expectation – Only great content will suffice my company.

Reality – Always remember that great social media content will only be valuable for your brand if it’s integrated into holistic marketing. You may have the best content, but it won’t matter if there is a lack of promotion and distribution. You need to always remember your buyers and set a measurable and clear objective. Ensure that your content has the answers to a buyer’s queries. It should address their questions and help build a relationship with your brand.

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Expectation – Publishing the exact messages on every platform is completely fine.

Reality – It is okay to discuss the exact topics in all of your platforms, but the creative and messaging optimization must be specific to every platform. Every platform comes with a unique audience, requiring the need for imagery and customized messaging.