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There’s nothing as fun as going through the posts of your followers on Instagram. Whether you view them at night, during the day, or early in the morning, it is very entertaining. Did you recently go somewhere and clicked some of the best Vacation pictures? or do you have new selfies or pictures of your pets that you wish to post? Regardless of the reason, you can post them on your feed and accumulate a pool of likes and shoutouts.

But there are times when your followers miss out on your posts. It’s mostly because of the time that they come online. So, you do have to strategize your posts based on many factors, and that includes the online time. It is very easy to share a post to your story on Instagram. You can easily share it via your feed or by visiting a post on someone’s profile. But the priority lies in reposting your content on your story for followers who have missed your posts.

Why You Should Prioritize Instagram Stories

Before we get into the steps on how to share Instagram posts to story, you should know the significance of stories.

More Visibility – Posts may disappear from someone’s homepage after a while, but stories appear on top being fully visible. No one will miss the colourful ring that appears on their screen. When you upload your posts on your stories, more people start to notice and engage. Even the people who haven’t seen your posts before will be able to see them. You can expect likes, views, and followers from there. It is very useful for brands in particular.

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Interaction & Reach – When it comes to social media marketingInstagram stories play a crucial role in showcasing the products and services of a business. Also, Instagram is the place where most social media users engage excessively compared to other platforms. By posting stories, you get to directly interact with your followers. You can also ask questions and involve them in the process. In this way, you will have a wider understanding of their needs and connect better.

Generating Leads – You are expanding your leads and prospects when your following grows. Yes, Instagram stories tend to last for 24 hours, and it disappears. But it is not only your viewers but people who don’t follow you who can also view your stories. How? Well, because the stories on Instagram are discoverable, which is a great thing.

Instant Feedback – Another great feature about Instagram stories would be the immediate feedback that you get from your audience. It applies to Serviceh businesses that are showcasing their products or professional content creators who are advertising brands through collaborative deals. It allows you and your business or content to improve.

Real-Time Marketing – Instagram stories also encourage the usage of real-time marketing. It comes with real-time feedback at the earliest from the customers as well. Ensure that you come up with a story strategy that focuses on relevant and current content. Here, the topics should be important and relevant to your clients at all times.

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Running Story Ads – Instagram has the feature of story ads that’s eligible for all Instagram business accounts. It enables businesses to use targets and reach the capabilities responsible for making your ads significant to the viewers that you are trying to reach. Also, story ads are mostly used by businesses for obtaining conversion and clicks.

Increased Instagram Engagement – You need to realize that the more stories that you post, the more of your posts will appear on the feed. Your viewers will engage a lot more, and you will have an easy time marketing your content. There will be more value-added to your brand, and your following will also grow. You will be able to obtain a higher result with low expenses.

Sharing Posts To Your Story

share post to story on Instagram

The steps in sharing your Instagram posts to your story is a simple job. Here are the steps for doing so:

  • Proceed to tap on the paper airplane icon present right under the post. It is similar to the direct message icon.
  • Here, you will come across an option in the following menu for creating a story using the post that you tapped on.
  • You need to press it to view the feed post like a sticker, along with a background that’s customized. It will be ready to be shared in your story.
  • You have full control over moving, resizing, or rotating the picture or video. It is also possible to utilize the drawing tools or insert stickers and texts.
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Whenever you share a post to your story, it will come with a link that directs the viewer to the original post. It will also include the username of the original uploader. Only the posts from public accounts are shareable to stories. Here, if you own a public account and don’t want others to reshare your content on their stories, then you can always change it from the settings in your Instagram account.


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